Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cash Out by Greg Bardsley - Guest Review

Cash Out by Greg Bardsley
Published October 2012 by HarperCollins
Source: our copy courtesy of the publisher in exchange for this review

When the pitch for this one hit my inbox, I knew right away it was the kind of book that The Big Guy would enjoy. Sure enough, as soon as it arrived, he picked it up and asked what it was about and if I thought he'd like it. Funny thing, I said...

Publisher's Summary:
It's 2008. In three days, family man and Silicon Valley speechwriter Dan Jordan will see his start-up stock vest. He'll cash out with $1.1 million, turn in his frenetic Valley life in for a slower one on the beach with his wife and two children, and finally live the life he's supposed to live. Or so he thinks. Before he can collect his cash and get outta Dodge, all hell breaks loose. Dan is kidnapped by a gang of tiny IT nerds who threaten to get him fired before the options can vest, stalked by a potentially murderous corporate security muscle man, and confronted with the possible disintegration of his marriage, all while his sociopath neighbor, Crazy Larry, threatens to ruin everything. . . .

The Big Guy's Thoughts:

 A rollicking good time of high tech and silicon valley meets Get Shorty.  It reminds me of a high tech version of a Confederacy of Dunces. 

A quick fun read with some good characters.  In particular I like Dan's friends and neighbors. At times the story gets almost too busy with one cluster after another and nearly wears you out.  You think Dan is never going to get out from under his troubles, but his associates and his wife Kate bail him out time after time. Our misguided hero Dan does not die, but I was glad to see it was not a real happy ending. 

More of a dude book with all of the action and some of the scenes and language, but most women would enjoy that Kate is the stronger voice of reason, even if she is maybe a little too forgiving.  A fun lively read to offset something droll you might have just read like Dickens.

Thanks, BG! I think he's out of review books he's picked up to read so he's off the hook ... for a while. 


  1. I love it. More of a dude book... For sure!

    I so wish my husband would pick up a book every now and then. He never does. Says it's boring.

  2. I love it when hubbies review, as mine does at times too. I think my husband would love this one, as it does sound particularly interesting to the IT crowd, of which he is a part. Thanks for the great review today BG! I really appreciated your recommendation!

  3. I think my oldest would really get into this book. I love it that your hubby reads and reviews for you!