Saturday, March 29, 2014

Late, As Usual, To The Bloggiesta Party

Four days, y'all, four days I had to do Bloggiesta this spring and here it is Saturday already and I'm just getting started! I caught a cold Tuesday that has knocked me on my butt and I've done almost nothing for the past five days. At least I don't have to make up an excuse to just sit on the computer for the next day or so! With a limited amount of time to work on the blog, my goals are modest:

1. Clean up email (of course!)
2. Clean up blog reader (I'm actually in good shape already with this one so it shouldn't take long)
3. Clean up downloads file
4. Clean up picture files
5. Set up spring reading plan
6. Check out the mini-challenges to see if there's anything that will help me
7. Update Challenges Page
8. Work on tags

Thanks to April at The Steadfast Reader for the mini-challenge urging us to work on the look of our blogs, you'll notice big changes have been made. I haven't been happy with the background for a while (that's not true, I loved the background but in my heart I knew it made things look too busy), the width of the columns and total blog and I've been toying with changing the sidebars for some time. What do you think of the changes?


  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been so well this week. I like the new Bloggiesta logo. There's lots I should be doing re. my blog, mainly trying to sort out future posts that are all in my head at the moment and catching up with other bloggers' news and book reviews. All the best with your list of things to do.

  2. Good luck with the items on your list. I didn't even get around to making a list this time around, lol.

  3. I can relate. Looks like you're catching up quickly!

  4. Wow and you are fast at checking them off!! I need to really buckle down today and knock through my goals.