Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life: It Goes On - January 15

We've spent much of the past two days prepping to be icebound and possibly without power. Whenever I'm this prepared, it generally means that not much will happen. An unplanned day off of work could mean a day curled up with a book, which would be nice. But it might also mean I'm doing it by candlelight in a house that has no heat, except for what the fireplace can put out.

It will be what it will be, I guess. We're well stocked with junk food, propane for the grill so that we can still cook, batteries are in the flashlights and I've brought out plenty of candles. Just don't let the power go out until we're done watching football and tonight's episode of "Sherlock!"

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Show tunes on Spotify, The History Chicks and Reading Women for podcasts, and I started Claire Messud's The Emperor's Children, which is marvelously read by Suzanne Toren.

Watching: Football (of course), the weather forecasts (incessantly) and The Great British Bake Off. That last comes on Saturday mornings, after the other shows we enjoy end, and the past couple of weeks it's featured the two experts making the recipes they've challenged the contestants with. They spend a lot of time explaining the how-to's and why's of the recipes and I've been busily printing off recipes for the things they've been making.

Reading: Major oops this week! I was meant to have posted, on Tuesday, a review for On The Sickle's Edge. But, this being January, I had not gotten my sh*^ together yet about what needed to be done when so I didn't even notice that I did not receive the book. Until Wednesday. Yesterday when I looked to see when I was meant to review it, I was a little surprised. Quick email off to Trish at TLC Book Tours and I've been plopped down reading it when I haven't been doing storm prep. Review this week!

Making: Pork roast, beef stroganoff, bean enchiladas, ginger snaps. Cold weather stuff.

Planning: See above.

Thinking About: Ways to resist. Pretty sure I will join the March on Washington's sister march in Omaha next weekend.

Enjoying: Entirely too many hours of Two Dots. I may need to remove it from my phone. It's seriously impacting my reading time.

Feeling: Better now that I finally have my 2017 bullet journal up and running. I didn't realize exactly how much I had come to depend on it to keep me on task.  

Looking forward to: The Green Bay Packers game today.

Question of the week: For those of you who've been snowed (or iced) in before, what's the one thing you absolutely have to stock up on before it hits to keep you sane throughout?


  1. Good luck with the weather! Hope you don't lose power. Never thought of ginger snaps as 'snowed in' food, but they do sound tasty. Enjoy your reading time! And, sorry, but I'm rooting for the Cowboys - lifetime fan. LOL

  2. Hope you have remained warm and with power... glad you're enjoying the audio of The Emperor's Children. Last time we lost power, there was a crisis because I forgot to charge my kindle as part of our storm prep ;-)

  3. Only one? Batteries. Because I always have the other two: books and wine.

    Good for you for thinking about the march! I'm definitely going to the one here in Seattle. #Resist

  4. I hope you missed the ice storm! The kids had two days off of school because of the ice, but nothing shuts down my office.

    Mmmm...beef stroganoff. I think I need to put that on my menu soon. That is one of my favorite meals.