Sunday, February 11, 2018

Life: It Goes On - February 11

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Why, yes, I did just lose an entire week. I wish I could tell you I'd been off on an unexpected great adventure. Sadly, just your everyday common cold as only I can do it. Missed two plus days of work, went through a box and a half of Kleenex, and drank more orange juice in five days than I did in the past year.

On top of that, it snowed and snowed this week. Never a lot but just enough to make commutes a pain and to ruin Miss H's and my trip to my brother's house this weekend. Needless to say, I'm ready to move onto a new week!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Still Frankenstein. Still really enjoying it. Part of me would like to pull out my print copy of finish it but I'm so enjoying Simon Vance's reading that I want to let him keep reading it to me.

Watching: You know me - I'm glued to the Olympics! I'm relearning the words I only hear during the Olympics like "twizzles" (ice dancing), "fakie" (snowboarding), and "clicks" (biathlon).

Reading: Here is the one thing I actually did manage to accomplish this week...when I wasn't sleeping or blowing my nose. I read Tayari Jones' An American Marriage and Tom Malmquist's In Every Moment We Are Still Alive. Next I'm onto this month's book club choice.

Making: Not much but I did cook a pork tenderloin and I made broccoli cheese soup.

Planning: On playing catch up this week and starting on our taxes.

Thinking About: My spring to-do list.

Enjoying: The Oscar-nominated animated shorts - I actually got out of the house last night and went to the theater with friends. We actually saw more than the ones that were nominated and, I must say, I'm not sure all of the best ones were nominated.

Those are my legs under there
Feeling: Better, finally. The kitties are going to be sad, though. They've very much enjoyed spending so much time cuddling with me this week.

Looking forward to: An evening of music, tango, wine, and chocolate tomorrow night. We did a similar thing last year the week of Valentine's Day that was so much fun.

Question of the week: One of our theaters is showing An Affair To Remember for free on Valentine's Day which I'm considering but I think tomorrow night will be our big Valentine's celebration. Do you have special plans for Valentine's Day?

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