Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Task It Tuesday

I did so well with my last Task It Tuesday list that I decided to keep at it. In fact, really working on that list has me kind of excited about blogging again! I have only one thing that I need to work on from that last list still so it's going to the top of the list this time.

  1. Work on the error I'm getting on the Nook that doesn't allow me to get to Netgalley to download and read books.
  2. Catch up with my blog reader. And by catch up, I mean clear it out for a change, not just get it down to about 30 unread posts. 
  3. Respond to all comments left on my blog this month. I am terrible about doing this and often have to add it to my Bloggiesta list.
  4. I've worked out my blogging calendar for the rest of the year (something I haven't done in the last few years is really keep a calendar for the blog). Now I want to go in and add the events I know are coming up in the next six months and plot out when I want to do features, like Mama Shepp's Family Recommends, Top Ten Tuesdays, Book Gems and Task It Tuesdays. 
That's enough for this list as some of these things will take some time. But my hope is that they will all inspire me to love blogging again without returning to the feeling of it being work. 

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