Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Read-a-thon and More Challenges

I had such high hope for this readathon. I so loved being part of the big readathon on October; it was so great to accomplish so much on the reading front. Plus, it was frigidly cold and there's so much snow that going anywhere is no fun at all. But we still had to catch up with part of our family to celebrate Christmas on Friday. Then there were all of those pesky things that have to be done around the house. I did manage to get in enough reading to finish one book but not nearly what I was hoping for.

This challenge is hosted by Amanda, of The Blog Jar. Details can be found at the blog, Our Mutual Read. These are the levels:

~ Level 1: 4 books, at least 2 written during 1837 - 1901. The other books may be Neo-Victorian or non-fiction.
~ Level 2: 8 books, at least 4 written during 1837 - 1901. The other books may be Neo-Victorian or non-fiction.
~ Level 3: 12 books, at least 6 written during 1837 - 1901. The other books may be Neo-Victorian or non-fiction.

I'm just shooting on Level 1 with high hopes to reach Level 2. Level 1 should be easy because of the books I'm planning on reading for the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge. The books I'm reading for this one will be:

1. Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens
2. David Copperfield - Charles Dickens
3. Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens
4. A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
5. Little Dorrit - Charles Dickens
6. Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
7. Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
8. Agnes Grey - Anne Bronte

The 2010 Read 'n' Review Challenge is hosted by MizB at MizB's Reading Challenge. The rules for this one are:
* review each book you read between January 1st and December 31st of the current year.
* PLEASE keep your reviews clean & respectful ~ these books we read are the hard work of an author, and we don’t need to be mean. Even if you didn’t like the book, please try to find something you can say that would be encouraging to the author.
* reviews can be as short, or long, as you wish
* you MAY overlap with other challenges
* eBooks and Audiobooks ARE allowed
* if there will be spoilers in your review, please note this in the subject line of your post so that those who don’t want to read them can skip that review.
Since I already review almost everything I read or listen to, this should be easy. Just a reminder for me to keep up. Now I'm off to read! With all of these challenges, I've got to get cracking!


  1. Haha, great that your daugter agrees with me about the eye candy thing! :)) I think I am going over to one of the competitions when they come to Finland just to see him compete! :D

    Good luck with the new challenges. I was not happy with my read a thon either, can't wait for the 24 hour one at April.

  2. That's A LOT of Dickens! I'm impressed-he's one of my Waterloo authors, lol. Have you ever read Trollope? He's a really fun Victorian author! Also, have you read Tenant of Wildfell Hall? I thought it was head and shoulders above Agnes Grey as an introduction to Anne Bronte. :)

  3. I hadn't heard of the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge, but it looks like fun. I'm mid-way through season 2 on a complete cycle of the series, so I'll be keeping me antennae up for lit references.

    Maybe I'll read Howl for starters. :)

  4. Eva-I haven't read any Trollope but I've got a couple of his books in with the Dickens collection that my hubby has left from college classes.