Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Salon - January 6

Good morning, all, from sunny and warmer than average Omaha. While 32 degrees might sound cold to many of you, here we are delighted that it is warm enough to melt snow and allow us to go without hats, scarves and gloves for at least a part of everyday. This is life in the midwest in January.

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: Anita Diamont's The Last Days of Dogtown in my vehicle. Two discs in and the jury's still out on this one. On Pandora, it's all Broadway musicals all of the time, prompted by seeing "Les Miserables" on New Year's Eve. Oh lordy, I do love me a play where people burst into song.

Watching: People, we are a mere month away from the end of the football season (and only a few days away from the end of the college football season). I'm watching as many games as I can to build up my football happiness before we head into the long dark months. Yes, I know I have a problem.

Reading: Persuasion for a readalong with Wallace of The Unputdownables. Week one under our belts and can I just say that it's a little startling to be rereading a book and three pages in find yourself utterly confused? For some strange reason, as I started reading, I had in my head the plot of Mansfield Park. Duh. I'm also reading Caitlin Moran's Moranthology. This is one funny lady - I'm quite sure my family's happy this is a relatively short book; I've been reading quite a lot of it to them.

Making: Very little - I've been something of a vegetable since the holidays. Work's been ridiculously busy and when I come home I make the easiest meals I can get away with and do nothing creative whatsoever.

Planning: On getting back into a routine this week. Back to regular work weeks, back to a Christmas decoration-free home, back to regular eating habits (although, hopefully, more healthy habits). I'm actually ready for it.

Grateful for: Sunshine. We've had a lot of gray, cloudy days recently, very unNebraska-like. I need the sun; I'm a happier, more productive person when the sun is shining.

Loving: Clearance sales. I'm stocking up on peppermint mocha creamer, picking up some new things for next Christmas, and finding some great deals on winter clothes just as winter finally hits its stride.

Looking forward to: A delivery from Barnes & Noble this week. I preordered Cathy Marie Buchanan's The Painted Girls (which the Omaha Bookworms are reading in February). To save $3.99 on shipping, I only had a spend another $8.75 (see, Trish, I do it, too!) so I also ordered Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. I'm hoping to get caught up quickly once it arrives to join in a readalong. Yeah, I really am going to try to balance more than one readalong at a time. Notes will  definitely need to be taken!

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I just got Caitlin Moran's How to Be a Woman from the library so I'm looking forward to picking that one up this week! Also looking forward to getting back into a routine this week as the decor comes down today and my "official" new eating and exercise plan gets implemented :) And after Les Mis I also began listening to all musicals I could get my hands on. There's just something about people breaking out into song that always brings me up! Have a fabulous week!

  2. I am diving head first into my galley list. I have about ten books, all really good I think, that are all coming out this month so I really need to get my behind in gear.

    Tomorrow I go back to work. Ugh.

  3. I love that you stock up on peppermint mocha creamer! The only holiday treat that I have thought of squirreling away is Starbucks Christmas blend :)

    I must admit that I am not looking forward to the return of school - but I suppose I have no choice....

  4. It's always nice to have book deliveries to look forward to. I still need to see Les Mis, but that probably won't happen until it comes out on dvd. I love the music though and look forward to seeing what they've done with it.

  5. Could that be my read-a-long you ordered Les Mis for? ;) How did you like the movie? I loved it, but I cried an awful lot. I'm reading Persuasion too, but I'm behind, of course. I'll get my thoughts posted at Wallace's by Thursday though.

    I'm getting things on track. We got all the Christmas stuff put away, but still working on getting my books shelved. I'm still deciding what challenges to sign up for and I still haven't done a new year's goal post. Oh well...I'll get it done soon.

    Have a great week, Lisa!

  6. We've had a bit warmer weather this last week or so too but we've already had so much snow and cold that I'm done for when it comes to winter. Spring can't get here fast enough and it's a long ways off still. I'm looking forward to trying to get back into a routine as well. Me and my blog have been pretty quiet lately so I hope I can get back into the enjoyment of it all. I can't wait to read The Painted Girls too!

  7. That thing about spending more to get the delivery free is very persuasive! For a short time you forget you'd actually be spending more when you would've spent less. But it's books and it's difficult not to add another. Hope the sunshine continues for you, we had a day recently where if you didn't look outside it seemed like summer, brilliant.

  8. What a wonderfully uplifting post. Here's to a great 2013 full of health and happiness, love and laughter.

  9. I love anything where people burst into song. I wish that life was this way. My favorite Scrubs episode is a musical one--it's the only spontaneous singing that Scott and I can ever agree on (he hates musicals. HATES).

    I was very Eh about Last Days of Dogtown. Don't remember why exactly--just remember wanting just a little something more... Maybe I had too high expectations after Red Tent? Hope you enjoy still...

  10. I'm going to miss football....

  11. I'm grateful for the sun too!! Sounds like you're off to a great 2013. I'm looking forward to hearing more about Moranthology and The Painted Girls is one that I hope you enjoyed!!

  12. I do that order more books to get free shipping with Powells ALL THE TIME.