Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reading In 2013

I'm not much one for New Year's resolutions; they never seem to work for me and then, failing them, I feel both guilty and disappointed. That's no kind of way to start the year! I prefer to think in terms of goals - an end point I'm shooting for. While I may not reach the goal and still be a bit disappointed, goals still allow me to look back and see how far along I got striving to reach the goal.

I like to do the same thing with  my reading. Some of my reading goals for 2013 are carry overs from previous years, things I would like to continue trying to improve on or maintain; others will be new for 2013.

1. Read More Non-Fiction: I did a great job with non-fiction in 2011 but kind of lost speed in 2012. In the coming year I'll be trying to read at least one non-fiction book a month.

2. Read Books Set In Other Countries or Translations: I do a pretty good job of reading books from around the world (my love of books set in the Middle East helps) but I'd like to expand my reading to new countries and to read more translations.

3. Join In More Readalongs: It's always fun to be able to discuss a book you're reading with other people and readalongs nudge me to read books I may have been putting off.

4. Listen To More Audio Books: I'm still working on getting audio downloaded to my iPod which will allow me to listen to books while I'm doing other things. Having discovered that my library sale has audio books, I'll continue to listen to books on CD in my car. Speaking of which, do any of you have experience with "Playaway?" I was surprised to open the audio I bought of John Green's Paper Towns and find that it was a self-contained player and not CDs as I had anticipated.

5. Complete My Challenges: I've signed up for a number of challenges but really tried to pick challenges that fit in with my other goals and my reading patterns. I've also signed up for the lowest level of most of the challenges. I suppose this means I haven't really challenged myself by signing up for these challenges but given  my inability to complete all of the challenges I sign up for each year, I still think I'll be racing at the end for 2013 to finish up.

6. Read More Classics: I joined the Classics Club in 2012, essentially committing myself to reading a classic a month. I promptly fell ten books behind. What? I always read a lot of classics. How could that even happen? So, to get myself back on track, I really need to shoot for 22 classics in 2013.

7. Have Fun: Reading was much more relaxed in the fall after I quit accepting so many review books and started reading for me. My number one goal for the coming year is to continue to read what I want, when I want and to enjoy my reading!

How about you? Do you make plans for your reading?


  1. I love all these reading resolutions :) I have never participated in a read along, but have a desire to do so. Perhaps 2013 will be the year for me to jump right in.

  2. Great set of resolutions, and many that I aspire to keep myself.

    I am a hardcore audiobookphile. I rarely listen to the news or even music anymore. I love bios and find that the audio format works well for non-fiction in general. I've never heard of Playaway--do you plug it into something, or just earphones? I rarely buy audio books as they are so expensive and my library is great about getting interlibrary loans for titles they don't have.

    22 classics in one year is daunting--good luck and may some of them be short!

    I'm with you on review books--I hate feeling obliged to read something unless it's a personal challenge or project.

    Happy reading in the new year!

  3. My only two resolutions are to read more, and to read more classics. I think it would be fun to do some of the others that you suggested as well, but things here are hectic, and I don't want to overwhelm myself.

  4. I would like to read more nonfiction this coming year too. And listen to more audiobooks. :-) I think your goals this year sound great, Lisa. Good luck and happy reading!

  5. Listening to more audio books is on my list too. I hope you meet all your resolutions! Happy new year! :)

  6. Re #2: I used to be really good at reading books set in other places. I don't know what happened in 2012, but that number went waaaaay down. I'd love to see that change this year, too!

  7. I've just taken three books back to the library unread because they weren't my cup of tea in the end. I promptly took out four more that I had wanted, but were not on the shelf before the Christmas holidays. Two of them are the earlier Tana French crime novels. You reviewed one of hers in 2012. I'm hoping to read The Lord of the Rings trilogy this year, but also I need to listen to more audio to save my eyes from strain!
    I hope your successful with your new year's resolutions!

  8. What is playaway? Is that like Mp3? I think I'd like to do ALL of these things in 2013 as well but know that my reading time will be tough to find so I'm just going with fun. And readalongs. So...Shining in February with the #italong group if you're in. Then Vanity Fair (later in February) with Melissa Avid Reader. Then Wind-Up Bird Chronicles with Ti in April? Oh, and Outlander by my lonliness sometime this summer. Wind-Up would definitely count as translation/set in different place!

    Either way--hoping 2013 is a really wonderful year for you. :)

  9. Great and fun goals for 2013..most especially having fun!! I will be writing a post similar to this one tomorrow about what I will blogging about in the future!! I'm already browsing my shelves for books to read this month!

  10. I loved your readalong of The Space Between Us. Great resolutions for 2013!

  11. Good luck with your resolutions! I haven't made any formal ones, but I'd like to make a dent in my review backlog and read more of the WWII and Austenesque books in my personal library.

  12. I know I'm really late commenting on this post, but I couldn't resist because I love goals, especially when they have to do with books! :-) I love your list. I especially love your goal to read more nonfiction. I also try to read at least one nonfiction book each month.

    I wrote about my own reading goals here: