Sunday, July 15, 2018

Life: It Goes On - July 15

We've had a quiet week here. Which is just what the doctor ordered - plenty of time to read, relax on the patio, play on the computer, and still get things accomplished around the house. We finally got to our first farmer's market of the season - shameful. I did come home with sweet corn, orange tomatoes, purple and white peppers, dragon tongue beans, cucumbers and two kinds of cheese brought in from Wisconsin. We'll be eating well today!

Last Week I:

Listened To: Mostly musicals on both Spotify and Sirius. My poor hubby even had to listen to them when he was in the car with me.

Watched: I decided to jump on the Paris in July bandwagon so I've watched a couple of movies as part of that this weekend: Suite Francaise (starring Michelle Williams and Kristin Scott Thomas and based on the book of the same name by Irene Nemirovsky) and Madame Bovary (starring Mia Wasikowska of the movies Jane Eyre and Alice in Wonderland and based on the book by the same name by Gustave Flaubert). I sort of feel like I'm killing two birds with one stone in watching movies based on books!

Read: I'm racing through Lying In Wait and should be finished with it by tomorrow. I really can't recall what made me chose it on Netgalley but it's not at all what I expected when I first started reading it.

Made: Light, light, light - I don't think the oven's been on all week. Salads, BLT's, grilled steaks - summer fare.

Enjoyed: A Cuban sandwich and pear cider at lunch with The Big Guy's brother yesterday. I am so fond of him - we've been pals since the first time we met.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: On getting started painting the front door shortly. Finally!

Thinking About: Trips to see my new great-nephew, who arrived this week, and to Rochester to see Mini-me's and Ms. S's new place. Trying to schedule around everyone is turning out to be a crazy amount of work!

Feeling: Like I'd like to take a couple of days off just to putter around the house. It's so hard to get the things that have to be done and enjoy time out and about on the weekends, let alone work on projects around the house.

Looking forward to: The 24 In 48 Readathon this coming weekend. Yep, another thing to make time for in a mere two-day weekend but I really enjoy those excuses to just spend a lot of time reading and getting to interact with other bloggers, which I've been missing lately.

Question of the week: Honestly, how do you balance your time on the weekends to make sure have time for fun, housework, and bigger projects?


  1. Thank you for reminding me about the Suite Francaise movie. I've been meaning to watch it for years!

  2. Balancing the weekends? We tend to divide and conquer, plus we have taken to hiring out where we can. Also, online grocery shopping is a lifesaver. No more spending an hour making a list and another hour picking up everything. Just make your list while adding it to your cart, scheduling a pick-up time and getting it done in minutes. Also, I try to keep up with the cleaning during the week. It means a little more hectic evenings but the weekends at least have a little more free time.

  3. Boy, what a question. The question I ask myself over and over again. Clearly, I do not have an answer. I often wonder how other people live. How can a working person work all day, raise kids, shop for food, clean the house and just, well, keep up with it all? My house is presentable but not by my standards. Oh, and I have plenty to work on. We've been in the house for a long time now, ten years and things are beginning to show wear. We need new carpet and cabinetry needs to be painted. Walls painted. We need to do a deep purge of things because although I am constantly tossing we are constantly bringing stuff in. The measure use is to ask myself if I'd be ashamed if someone came through my house to pack, say, in an evacuation? This happened to my friend. No. I would be mortified.