Sunday, July 1, 2018

Life: It Goes On - July 1

It's July! How can it be July already? And how could Mini-me and Ms. S have celebrated their one-year anniversary yesterday? You probably still feel like it was only yesterday that I was going on and on about the wedding plans. I feel that way as well! What a great year they have had and it's fun to watch them (albeit from afar) as they launch the next phase of their lives. Can't wait to get up to Rochester to see their new place and explore their new area.

Last Week I:

Listened To: Lots of Broadway tunes in my car which lead me down the rabbit hole of listening to musicals at home. Caught a number from the musical Nine which had me waxing nostalgic - when The Big Guy and I went on our honeymoon in 1983, we saw this in the very theater that Hamilton's been playing in. Wishing I could find the full soundtrack somewhere. Also wish we had been there a couple of months earlier so we could have seen Raul Julia in the lead. But these then very young Midwestern kids have never forgotten Anita Morris in her very sexy role!

Watched: Baseball, a lot of junk just so we could have the local channels on to track the weather, and some episodes of The Crown.

Read: I'm working on Jo Nesbo's Macbeth. You'll notice I chose the work "working." It's not a bad book, it's just not what I'm in the mood for right now. But I need to get it finished before it archives on Netgalley so I can get the review posted there.

Made: I'm trying to eat less sugar so I haven't been baking. Also, it's hot and we have a ton of lettuce (perhaps literally!) so we've been eating salads almost every night.

Enjoyed: Won't You Be My Neighbor - the story of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Fred Roger's impact on American children. I'm not gonna lie - I have been known to mock Mr. Rogers. Never again. I had no idea how revolutionary that mild-mannered man was for his time. For example, this scene where he and Officer Clemmons both had their feet in a wading pool at a time when swimming pools were segregated.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: The calendar's pretty clear this week. With the holiday right in the middle of the week, I think it will be more of a reading week than a big project kind of week.

Thinking About: Have you ever heard the song, "Wives and Lovers" by Frank Sinatra? I heard it for the first time on Sirius' Frank Sinatra station the other day. I'm under no illusions that Sinatra was a feminist but are you kidding me with this stuff?!

Feeling: Bummed. I had intended to go to an rally for keeping family's together but my bum knee was acting up and I knew it couldn't handle the walking and standing. Had to comfort myself by making donations.

Looking forward to: Hopefully seeing my kiddos in a couple of weeks!

Question of the week: How will you celebrate the Fourth?


  1. Has it really been a year since the wedding?? Doesn't seem possible.

    We saw previews for the Mr. Rogers documentary when we saw RBG. It looked good, so I'm hoping it plays here soon. BTW, have you seen RBG? It's excellent!

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  3. Mom and I were just saying..."how can it be July already!?" Is that another book in Nesbo's Harry Hole series? I bought the first and second books after seeing The Snowman in the theater when it came out. Seems like a pretty good series, but we'll see. You know, I used to make fun of Mr. Rogers too, but I've learned so much about him, even before seeing the film. He really was a great man. I'll probably see the movie when it comes to the movie channels. I save the big screen for horror, superheroes, sci-fi, etc. Movies that simply must be seen on the big screen. lol 4th of July for me will be a quiet affair. My boys are usually with their dad and I'm not too thrilled by fireworks (going downtown here in Nashville is a nightmare!). I've been under the weather for days (I have no idea what's wrong) so I don't feel like doing much.

  4. Mr. Rogers dealt with some heavy topics like divorce, the death of a parent, and I even recall once show that touched on abuse and how important it was to tell a trusted adult. Everything was geared towards some life lesson and it was all done with the kindest intentions. LOVED that show so much.