Sunday, July 8, 2018

Life: It Goes On - July 8

I think we are about to the end of people shooting off fireworks here after thirteen days, only ten of them when it was legal to shoot off fireworks. I find that I have become quite the Fourth of July grouch these days; I really don't like get-togethers where there are all ages of people out in the street lighting off explosives. This anxiety-ridden old lady can't handle the stress so I'm glad to have this week over. Although I did enjoy having that day off in the middle of the week!

Last Week I:

Listened To: More show tunes, especially 1776 in keeping with the holiday, as well as my Spotify playlist of hits from the 1970's and 1980's that I love. That last made an excellent soundtrack while I worked on the garage yesterday. It's amazing how much music can influence your mood and energy level!

Watched: I had the house to myself last night so I got to pick what to watch. It's possible that I may not have the best judgment - I watched two movies and neither was great. I watched Set It Up (starring Taye Diggs and Lucy Lui) which was fairly cute but predictable then Brain On Fire (based on the book by Suzanna Cahalan) which was so disappointing. Cahalan's book is based on her real life experience when she contracted a very rare autoimmune disease which was misdiagnosed as a mental disorder for weeks. The book was so good and terrifying. The movie was so bland.

Read: Remember last week when I said that reading Jo Nesbo's Macbeth was work? It must have been that same day when something clicked and I ended up really enjoying it a lot and racing to finish it. Now I'm reading The Roanoke Girls for book club, which should be a quick read. After that, I'll pick up something from my summer reading list but I don't know what that will be yet.

Made: Macaroni salad and red velvet cupcakes for the Fourth. Otherwise, we've been pretty much sticking to salads. Or eating out.

Enjoyed: Friday evening at Benson First Friday. Benson is a former small town that was swallowed up by Omaha decades ago and which has become one of the top spots in town for bars, restaurants, and bands. We're much to old to be hanging out later on a Friday evening but we did enjoy happy hour on a rooftop deck, an art show, great pizza, and ice cream in one of my fave places. We'd have liked to do more shopping in some of the unique shops in the area but, sadly, they weren't savvy enough to stay open later for the crowds.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: On finishing the clean up of the garage. Realistically, this is a two-person job; but if BG helps me, then nothing gets thrown out.

Thinking About: All of the great tweets I read on Twitter this past week under hashtag #SecondCivilWar. This all started after Alex Jones (InfoWars) announced that the Democrats were planning to start a second civil war last week. If you haven't read any of these tweets yet, I highly recommend them. So many are so well done and they are just as likely to be self-deprecating as they are to be on the attack against Trump supporters. Many references to being low on rations and requesting that their beloveds send avocado and quinoa.
My love,
 Rations are growing scarce. Quinoa hasn't been seen in days, and they're only giving the gluten free food to those who actually need it. These are lean times indeed.
 Ever yours, Thomas
#SecondCivilWarLetter #SecondCivilWar 
Feeling: Like I'd like to take today just for fun things. That's not going to happen. Time to get productive.

Looking forward to: Finally getting my front door painted. After all this time, we have finally settled on a color. It's not what you'll guess, given the colors I've talked about before. Pictures when we're finished.

Question of the week: For those of you battling summer's heat, what ways are you finding to beat the heat?


  1. I feel like this past weekend's 120 temps did me in. I could not do much. No laundry because the drain on the grid would have been too much. No grocery shopping because even picking them up only to put them into a hot car did not appeal to me. We hit the coast but it was hot there too for the coast. It was a little depressing because I don't think this is a fluke. I think it's the new norm which is not good. We were hotter than Death Valley, Ca.!

  2. Unfortunately, I have been dealing with the heat by hibernating inside in the a/c - I'm just so heat intolerant these days. But we had a lovely weekend, with a break from the heat & humidity - we were even able to open the windows!

    I've heard a lot about both Nesbo's Macbeth and The Roanoke Girls - enjoy!

    I settled for a long Today Show story about brain on Fire (book, movie, author - the whole thing) - very interesting. Good to know I'm not missing much with the movie.

    Enjoy your books this week - and stay cool!


    2018 Big Book Summer Challenge

  3. Yeah, I think I've made my feelings pretty clear about fireworks on Facebook. lol

    I saw that Brain on Fire is available to watch on Netflix, but I haven't been compelled to watch it. Anything related to medical disorders I tend to think I have it. My mom told me to STOP googling symptoms. lol again.

    How to I beat the heat? Stay inside. Summer used to be my favorite season growing up in Michigan. Tennessee has ruined that for me. Hopefully, when I move back to the ole mitten in three years, I'll get to experience milder summers. That being said, winter will always be my favorite now.

  4. Thankfully, I was gone for most of the impromptu, homegrown fireworks displays, so I missed a lot of it but I know exactly what you mean. I approach it though more from the disturbance perspective, since the idiots tend to shoot them off way past my bedtime. And I call them idiots because people who set them off on any night when they are illegal thinks of them as toys rather than explosives. I only hope that when they learn their lesson about the difference between the two, it isn't a fatal lesson.