Sunday, January 31, 2016

Life: It Goes On - January 31

Last day of January? Hell, yes! It's been a month that's good to have behind us. Winter, surgeries, sad things. On the plus side, we had attended a wedding, spent time with friends, and we got to celebrate this guy's birthday this past week!

We're bracing for a big snow starting tomorrow night, possibly up to 19". By "bracing," I mean "planning how I'll spend the day I won't go into work." Which probably means we'll only get enough snow to make it a real pain in the ass to get back and forth to work but not enough to prevent me from going. That's how it usually works. I think it's a safe bet that the groundhog wouldn't see his shadow here on Tuesday. I can never remember if that means an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Podcasts, still. I listened to an interesting story on "Stuff You Missed In History Class" about Queen Victoria which made me want to rewatch the movie "Young Victoria" and do a little research. Love when that happens!

Watching: At the moment, I'm watching the 1995 remake of "Sabrina," starring Julia Ormond, Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear.

Reading: I'll finish Alison Case's Nelly Dean today. Nelly Dean was the narrator of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. I'm never sure about books based on characters in other books but I'm enjoying this one quite a lot so far.

Making: Miss H was heading down to Kansas City to celebrate Christmas with them this weekend so this week was all about finishing up their gifts. Somehow I neglected to get a pic of the final products but here's an idea of what we did.

Planning: On spending today putting my house back in order. I've been back and forth to Lincoln three times this week, had book club one night, and celebrated The Big Guy's birthday two nights. Needless to say, this place could use some TLC!

Grateful: To still have both of my parents with us. I watched a family put their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother to rest on Monday and was, once again, reminded that I am no where near ready to do that. Love them both so much!

Enjoying: Still being in my pajamas at noon. Which, to be honest, is not that unusual on the weekend.

Feeling: Proud of my dad. He spoke at the funeral the other day and did such a wonderful job. He ended his talk with the most perfect line.

Looking forward to: Reading all day on Tuesday. C'mon snow!


  1. I love your comments about your parents. So sweet. Should I hope for snow for you? LOL

  2. Well I hope you get a lot of snow! I don't think we will be seeing one soon. I could use a snow day too. I have already forgotten about the one we got last week.

  3. I'm sure you'll take advantage of the opportunity for getting in some more reading! Sounds like you've had another mixed week of LIFE, more plus than minus. It's blowing a gale outside here, but I've got to go to one of my women's group meetings and we have our oldest grandson staying for a while as he looks for a new place to settle in this area so busy busy for me. Have a good week, Lisa.

  4. Now I have to check out Nelly Dean--I hadn't heard of this book, but I always rather liked her in WH.

  5. January was an up and down month, wasn't it? I am so sorry for your losses. Did you end up getting the expected snow? It rained Sunday, and had quite a lot of wind. It was 28F this morning when I arrived at work. Nice crisp air--at least in the few minutes I had to be in it.I hope you have a great week!

  6. Did you get tons of snow? I will be calling my inlaws today to find out what happened weather-wise in BeatriceLand... Cheers for a Fab Feb.

  7. I'm grateful that my parents are still young and that my mom lives so close to me. My grandma came to visit a few weeks ago and at 89 I always wonder if it'll be the last time. I hate having that feeling, but you really don't ever know. womp womp.

    Nelly Dean. Interesting! I don't usually read spin-offs either, but I do have a fondness for Wuthering Heights and I bet she has a fascinating point of view!

    Hope you've had a good week. :)