Monday, January 4, 2016

Not So Much Challenges As Reminders

New year - new attitude. These things I'm signing up for may be called "challenges" but this year I'm thinking of them more as reminders rather than challenges.

It's not that I "have" to read more nonfiction, or classics, or books written by authors of color or set in other countries. But I want to and it's just so darn easy to grab the nearest novel written by a white person set in the United States. I like to think that I'm a smart person and I think my reading should, to some extent, help make me smarter. Also, I'm missing out on some great books if I'm not looking to broaden my horizons. So, for 2016 I'll be utilizing the following "reminders" to help steer me to read the things I want to read.

2016 Nonfiction Reading Challenge hosted by The Introverted Reader: I'll be shooting to reach the Seeker level which is 11-15 nonfiction books during 2016; my goal is to average one nonfiction book a month, at least. Because I will be reading some Doris Kearns Goodwin in 2016. And The Emperor Of All Maladies. And...oh, I have so many great nonfiction books already on my bookshelves that I can't wait to read!

Diversity On The Shelf 2016 hosted by Akilah at The Englishist: Because this is, again, just a reminder, I'm signing up at the lowest level, First Shelf, which only requires that I read 1-6 books written by and/or about persons of color. Let's face it, things have gotten a little ugly in the U.S. of late when it comes to race relations. I'd like to do my part to try to understand all sides, not just my own.

Women Challenge #4 hosted by Peek-a-booK!: Let's face it, I may not really need this reminder. I've signed up the past two years at the highest level, Wonder Woman, which requires that you read 20+ books in the year written by women. I've blown that out in about half the year both years. But, as there continues to be a running battle in the book world about the difference between the way male and female authors are treated, I don't want to become complacent.

I gave some serious thought to the Journal in January challenge hosted by She is too fond of books but decided I didn't want to add anything more to my daily schedule right now as I'm working to make some other changes in the way I spend my time. Now, if she decides to challenge me later this year to get back to my journaling, I may just take her up on it!


  1. I do love journalling. Last month, I started just jotting down how I was feeling and what I did each day. It isn't much but just taking the time to do that is so cathartic.

    Good luck and have fun with all of your "reminders"!

  2. I gave some thought about signing up for the Nonfiction challenge, but in the end decided not to. I could really use the reminder too. It's so easy to go for the novel over the nonfiction book. And yet there are many nonfiction books I want to read. Maybe I should join after all . . .