Sunday, July 22, 2018

Life: It Goes On - July 22

Good morning! It's a beautiful, sunny morning here and I'm headed out shortly to do some reading on the patio. There are plenty of other things I need to get done but it's the 24 In 48 Readathon so I have an excuse to read as much as I want to read this weekend. I'm certainly not going to come any where near to 24 hours of reading this weekend - those other things that need to be done keep calling and my family wants attention - but I'm getting a lot of reading done so that makes me happy.

Last Week I:

Listened To: I've been all over the place with what I've been listening to: NPR, podcasts, lots of music.

Watched: Two more movies for Paris In July: Midnight In Paris and The Phantom of the Opera.

Read: I finished Paris for One by Jojo Moyes and Patrick Dennis' Auntie Mama. I've started Rebecca Traiter's All The Single Ladies but may set that aside for today for something that's a faster read.

Made: Salads, pastas, s'mores - it's summer and we're keeping it light. I don't think the oven's been on all week.

Enjoyed: The play by my book club friend that a few of us went to see last Sunday. It's called The Dairy Maid-Right which may sound light and fun (and there are a lot of laughs in it) but it's also a very serious piece about immigration.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Hopefully a trip to meet my new great-nephew (who I'll just refer to from now on as The Prince) and his cousin, The Princess. Oh, yeah, and my brother and the rest of his family!

Thinking About: What my next project should be. Paint my office, perhaps?

Feeling: Happy to have finally gotten my front door painted!

Looking forward to: Mini-him's 30th birthday! How in the world can we possibly have a 30-year-old son?!

Question of the week: Mini-him's been requesting the same things for his birthday dinner for about half his life. Do you have a go-to food that you always have for celebrations?


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend and summer! The door looks great! My family seems to always want ice cream cakes from Coldstone for birthdays. I think about making a cake but then everyone just wants that. I hope you are enjoying Homegoing! I look forward to your thoughts and what your book clubs' thoughts on this one. Have a great week!

    1. The red velvet cake is the only one I don't end up throwing away part of it before it gets finished, unless I do one that's ridiculously decadent!

  2. Love the door. It came out great.

    I love certain meals so much. I can see returning to them for birthdays each year although mine tend to jump around. I love Linguine with Clams but GF kills it for me. I just always find that one dish to be so decadent yet simple. When we went to the Disney resort at the end of June one restaurant made me a GF version and it was to die for! But I was recovering from food poisoning from the night before so I was not able to really enjoy it. They also baked me th most amazing roll which I ate because it was pretty much the only thing that stayed down.

    1. That's so cool that they were able to create meals that met your needs. Too bad you couldn't enjoy them as much as you might have!