Thursday, July 23, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

Thanks to Jill at Breaking The Spine for this one!

Which do you prefer?

Reading something frivolous? Or something serious? Serious

Paperbacks? Or hardcovers? Paperbacks

Fiction? Or Nonfiction? Fiction

Poetry? Or Prose? Prose

Biographies? Or Autobiographies? Autobiographies

History? Or Historical Fiction? History

Series? Or Stand-alones? Stand-alones

Classics? Or best-sellers? Classics

Lurid, fruity prose? Or straight-forward, basic prose? Straight-forward, basic prose

Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness? Plots

Long books? Or Short? Long for the most part

Illustrated? Or Non-illustrated? Non-illustrated

Borrowed? Or Owned? Owned

New? Or Used? New

I'd love to read what you think! Link back here if you do this or post your responses in the comments if you don't have a blog.


  1. I agree with you so much on this one!! I do prefer hardcovers...Just wish they were cheaper.

  2. I'm gonna do it. I never can pass up a good questionnaire, especially if I haven't posted anything in a while...