Thursday, April 14, 2011

Introducing Another Omaha Author - Julie Christensen

Julie Christensen is the author of "Searching for Meredith Love," a women's fiction book that Julie has self-published as an e-book. It's getting great reviews on Amazon. Although Julie lives Omaha, this book is set in New Mexico.

Meredith Love thought her life was just fine. Fresh out of graduate school, she had a shiny new job in the medical office where she used to be a secretary. Sure, she didn’t really like all her co-workers, and yes, her bosses still asked her to drop everything to send a fax. And, okay, she had an irritatingly successful best friend who was always telling Meredith that her life sucked. But Meredith was content with her quiet life in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Then Ben Abel, second-year medical resident, appears on the scene, and Meredith realizes how miserable her life is and what happiness could be. Suddenly, her life looks as bad as her best friend always said and it's getting worse by the minute. Now Meredith is going to have to stand up and fight for the life she wants instead of the life she's got. And even if she succeeds, a secret from her past could ruin everything.

A native New Yorker, Julie studied painting at Pratt Institute and worked briefly in advertising on Fifth Avenue before she realized that her "creative" job was sucking the life out of her soul. Julie worked as a live-in Au Pair in Brooklyn, taught preschool, and lived in Barcelona and New Mexico before finally going back to school to get her Masters in Audiology. She wrote Searching For Meredith Love while living in New Mexico. After graduation, Julie did her fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota before moving to Omaha to work at a center for pediatric audiology. It was in Omaha that she discovered how hard dating is when you are an old thirty-something. She began writing about her horrible dates to amuse her single friends and make her married friends appreciate their husbands. The Truth About Dating is based on these experiences. Julie was introduced to her future husband by an acquaintance who, after reading a draft of The Truth About Dating, realized that she knew the perfect man for Julie. One blind date led to marriage less than a year later. They now have two children, ages 2 and 3. Julie continues to paint ( and write ( She is currently at work on her third novel, a mystery set in Brooklyn.

Julie tells me that she's putting the finishing touches on a print edition of The Truth About Dating and once that's completed, she'll move to do the same with Searching For Meredith Love.


  1. This is cool. Publishing as an ebook.
    Love the idea. Thanks for reviewing.

  2. This does sound like such an interesting book, and I had not yet heard of the author at all. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. I truly like that you're highlighting authors from your state!! Sounds interesting.

  4. This author sounds like a versatile lady with an interesting background. I've just looked up her art website and I guess the cover of the book is her artwork.
    I've enjoyed reading your recent reviews featuring authors from your state. I could imagine lots to discuss with others in your selection.

  5. Sounds very interesting. Will have to check her out and support another local Nebraska author :)