Thursday, July 10, 2014

Today's Post Is Brought To You By The Letter "P"

Simon, of Stuck In A Book, started a great meme that's been making the rounds. He assigns each person who wants to play along a letter and we're to name our favorite book, author, song, film, and object beginning with a particular letter. I've been assigned the letter "P."

Favorite Book...

Well, this one is easy - it has to be Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. You'd think Simon set this one up for me, wouldn't you?!

Favorite Author...

Another easy choice for me - Ann Patchett, who wrote one of my all-time favorite books (Bel Canto) as well as several other books I've read and thoroughly enjoyed.

Favorite Song...

This one was tougher and I'm not sure I really have a favorite song that starts with the letter "p," so I'm going with a song that takes me back to my college days. It's "Planet Claire" by the B-52's - such fun!

Favorite Film...

Several movies that start with "P" might make my top 100 movies; of those, though, the winner has to be "The Princess Bride." I never tire of it, can recite so many lines, and always laugh when Buttercup and Westley go rolling down the hill.

Favorite Object...

I can't entirely narrow this down to one object; rather it's a collection of objects made by my family that start with the letter "p" - pottery, paintings and photography. I've written before about how these are some of the things that feed my soul.

If you'd like to play along, head on over to Stuck In A Book and have Simon assign you a letter!


  1. Oh the Princess Bride! Definitely in my top 5 movies! So many absolutely perfect lines. Great post!

  2. Pride and Prejudice AND The Princess Bride! I love it. :-)

  3. What a fun meme! And good "P" choices. My daughter can recite The Princess Bride also. Can you believe I've never seen it?

    Love your comment on pottery, paintings and photography. Creativity certainly does feed the soul!

  4. This is so much fun! Pride and Prejudice and Ann Patchett would have been my choices for the letter P, too.

  5. Oh yes! Of course The Princess Bride!! Sounds like P was a pretty easy letter for you! ;)

  6. Princess Bride is such a fun movie (and book). :-) Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books as well.

    Great answers, Lisa!