Sunday, April 26, 2020

Life: It Goes On

Happy Sunday! I'm up, productive and getting ready to start a painting project. All of which should tell you that yesterday's Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon was another failure for me. What's that you say? I hadn't even mentioned that yesterday was Dewey's? Yep, that's just one of the ways I failed. I was so excited for this readathon - thanks to the quarantine, there was nothing on my calendar to conflict with my reading, no events to go to, no last-minute get-togethers were going to come up. The house is loaded with food so snacks were no problem. I put together a list of books to read. I. Was. Ready. Then I didn't even get a post typed up to kick things off. And it went downhill from there. I did get some reading done and I read without guilt about the things I "should" have been doing, so there's that, I guess. Wish I could tell you that I'd accomplished a lot of other things instead of reading, but I didn't do that either.

Last Week I:

Listened To: I'm still listening to Erik Larson's The Splendid and The Vile and hope to get a lot of time to listen to it today which I'm working on some projects.

Watched: My friend, Ellen, is a playwright who had a play that was performed at the Omaha Community Playhouse some time ago. Friday night they "live" streamed the play on YouTube so I got to watch that. Recommended Reading For Girls is, like all of Ellen's work, so clever and funny and heartfelt.

Read: I did finish both Sue Monk Kidd's latest, The Book of Longing, and Kate Atkinson's first Jackson Brodie book, Case Histories yesterday. I'm having to push myself to read right now (as I know so many of you are doing, too) and I think that was part of my problem yesterday. I have no library books coming due and no review books that need to be read right now so what to read next is entirely up to me. Now I need to find the book that will stick.

Made: I have finally hit my stride on doing that through all of this. I made a new version of chicken and noodles this week and a pan of lasagna and two batches of cookies. On the agenda today is bread, banana bread, and broccoli cheese soup in bread bowls. Yes, that's a lot of bread but I think we've all stopped judging each other at this point, right?!

Enjoyed: A visit from the mask faerie the other day. My friend texted and said she'd made masks and asked if we wanted a couple. So she dropped them off...with a bottle of wine! How cute is this!

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Last week went south on me; we had some things come up that really threw a wrench in things. So this week's plan is to get done what I meant to do last week. While I'm grateful to still be working and getting paid, there's also a part of me that really wishes I were bouncing around the house looking for things to keep me busy!

Thinking About: Thinking it's finally warm enough that I can stop babying the plants I potted a couple of weeks ago and get the rest of the plants I need to finish things up.

Feeling: Nervous. In another week, we will start going back to "normal." But I don't know that I'm going to feel safe out in public for months yet.

Looking forward to: Family Zoom time in a bit.

Question of the week: What did you cook up this week?


  1. I had every intention of participating in the readathon this weekend but then the weather was SO beautiful that I didn't want to stay cooped up inside. So it was a gardenathon kind of day. I've been having a good reading week anyways, so figured it was okay.

    Those masks look wonderful! I'm still hunting for some or maybe I'll make myself. I haven't made up my mind yet.

  2. Our beaches and parks are still closed but, hoping June may be a target date for lifting restrictions. Our schools are closed for remainder of school year now. As seniors ourselves, we are taking things very serious and don't even do our own shopping these last 5 weeks. Stay safe Lisa.

    Wish we had some warmer, sunny days in store.

    1. If only when they reopen things, people would still be mindful of keeping appropriate distances then things would be fine. I'm afraid it doesn't look like they will.

  3. I need a wine fairy. I ordered from a wine club but it's been over a week and the shipment hasn't even shipped yet.

    California is starting to show signs of reopening but only because so many idiots continue to ignore the orders that are in place. Our Orange Country beaches were nearly at capacity the other day. True, we have had very high heat but some on. More people on the road. I see so many more people out and about in general.

    1. It seems like some government officials just seem to throw up their hands and give up when they get push back.

  4. I had great plans to do the readathon as well and then we ended up cleaning our carpets and doing some family things and sent a friend off and her family to Virginia while social distancing so... I didn't even get anything read until right before bed.

    I made some cookies and sent some with my friend and her family and gave some to my mom for her birthday instead of a hug and some good dining out.

    My governor is soft opening up the state Friday. But I don't know how safe I'll feel in public for a while. Not a lot of people are wearing masks at the store or on the trails. And neighbors have started allowing their kids to play together outside which also makes me nervous.

    It looks like weather here is going to keep getting hotter so I'm excited to get some flowers planted soon. I still need to decide whether I want to plant tomatoes or not... I hope you enjoy your week! Stay safe!

  5. Yeah, people who don't think they're at risk of getting really sick don't seem to care about other people much at all. It's going to make it tough on those of us who do care.