Sunday, June 28, 2020

Life: It Goes On - June 28

Happy Sunday! Can you believe June is ending? It's been a strange four months that feel like they drag on and on but then suddenly we are to the Fourth of July. How has this virus affected your plans for the coming holiday weekend? We go, as you may remember, most years we go to my parents for the neighborhood Fourth of July breakfast which has been held every year except one (when it was rained out) since 1976. God love the ladies who have taken over the organizing - they have set up a Zoom breakfast so the event can continue. My dad will do his annual talk and then the neighborhood children will hold the first ever Fourth of July parade. I love the way people are finding ways to carry on even when everything has changed!

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I'm working my way through The New Jim Crow. It's slow going because, as my friend who's had to listen to my continual outrage can testify, there is so much here to learn. I do have about five hours left to listen to in the next couple of days so I'm going to have to just listen and stop bookmarking. Then I think it's time for something lighter for a bit. 

Watched: We watched the movie adaptation of Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy this weekend. I felt like they did a pretty good job of adapting a book that isn't just one story. One thing that did stand out to me, though, was that the movie actually made the prison guards look better than they did in the book. I wondered if that was to make the movie more palatable to a wider audience.

Read: I'm hoping to finish Manderley Forever in the next couple of days. Daphne du Maurier was certainly an interesting person who led an interesting life.

 Homemade ice cream for Father's Day and a new hot fudge sauce. I lost my ice cream recipe - it was nearly a disaster, especially since it came from, of all places, a Muppets recipe brochure I got more than 30 years ago. Miraculously, I found a copy on the internet and the day was saved!

Enjoyed: Father's Day with my daddy last Sunday. We had to eat in the garage but whatever it takes to be together I will do!

This Week I’m:  

Planning: For a visit in a couple of weeks from Mini-me and Ms. S! I must admit to be a little nervous about having people in my house but I know they've been taking care to be safe and I'm not willing to miss a chance to see them. 

Thinking About: What needs to be done before Miss H moves. The restaurant she was going to work at has permanently closed so she is job hunting now and will move as soon as she has a job, hopefully by the end of July. 

Feeling: Like I need a lazy day. It's not going to happen anytime soon though. Maybe I'll have time for that in August!

Looking forward to: I know that the Fourth of July is the highlight of the coming weekend for most but Mini-him, Miss H and I are most looking forward to Friday, a.k.a. Hamilton day. 

Question of the week: How will you be celebrating the Fourth?


  1. Hmm... interesting about the prison guards in the movie adaptation of Just Mercy. I STILL haven't seen the movie. No big plans here for the Fourth. Community events are all cancelled, but we'll probably have my FIL and SIL over for burgers and dogs.

  2. We are looking forward to Hamilton day too and that is also the day I have off. I almost forgot about it.
    The 4th for us is just sitting at home with the pup and eating food. LOL. I just cleaned the patio off and all the furniture too. The birds like to use it as their toilet which infuriates me. It's all clean now but will it be by Saturday? Probably not.

    So your daughter's move is postponed. I worry about my son because he just moved back. If his new job, a hotel, runs into trouble with closures and the like then he will be stuck with a lease he can't use.