Sunday, August 16, 2020

Life: It Goes On - August 16

Happy Sunday! Wish you were all enjoying as beautiful a morning as we are having here. It's been a productive weekend which is capping off a productive week. Got rid of our extra cat on Wednesday but in the meantime I got a lot more done in my basement last week and took a load of stuff to the Goodwill yesterday. You all know how happy that makes me! I'm hoping to pull up a couple of pieces of furniture today to start a couple more paint projects but I've been battling a sinus headache this weekend so we'll see if I can maintain that level of activity. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I started this month's book club selection, A Spool of Blue Thread and it took me no time at all to remember why I used to read so much of Anne Tyler's work. 

Watched: Lots of baseball and some NBA basketball because sports. Also, lots of HGTV. Between the later and Instagram, I'm feeling the urge to paint, rearrange furniture, redo my shelves...basically drive The Big Guy crazy!

Read: I finished Emma Cline's short story collection, Daddy (review this week) and started Ruth Ware's first book, In A Dark, Dark Wood. I have a couple of library books I should have started but I just wasn't feeling them and when Ti (Book Chatter) mentioned that she was reading Ware's book and then raved about it, I grabbed it off my shelf. I'm ready for something that just takes me away from everything. 

Made: I made cast iron steaks the other night, with a mushroom and roasted tomato topping, then used the leftover steak to make a killer steak salad. Also made a quick and easy ice cream that tastes good but it so rich and fatty that we could only eat a little at a time. Still, it's something I'll tweak because it's fast to make and will be easy to modify. 

Enjoyed: An evening on the patio Friday with Mini-him and an evening on the deck with friends last night. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: Those aforementioned painting projects and a rearrangement of the pantry. 

Thinking About: How much I hate the changes Google has made to the Blogger platform. It's so hard to go through comments now and I've been getting so much more spam (and most of it obscene). Why do sites/apps seem to be making changes just to make changes?

Feeling: Like I need to take a break from social media. It just makes me so mad, so sad, and so tired. 

Looking forward to: Miss H is coming up this weekend and I'm already planning some yummy  meals to have while she is here. 

Question of the week: I've seen that some of you are knitting, some doing needlepoint, others, of course, are reading - what other ways are you finding to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by all that is going on?


  1. I've dabbled in a little artistic painting, small canvases. I am by no means an artist but just putting the brush to canvas is so therapeutic. Plus, I like to surround myself by small pieces of art. I plan to take them back to my office when I return later in the year.

    The news. It seriously makes me angry. I don't actively watch it but it's on in the background so that I can at least know what is going on but then I get on FB and see stupid idiotic comments from people who are supposed to be my friends. This election is going to be so cut throat. I feel anxiety just thinking about it.

  2. I hear you on all the blogger spam... so annoying! I'm moderating all comments because of it. And social media, too. I can't even read posts on FB from some high school friends and have stopped reading comments on many news sights as well. November can't come soon enough.

    A Spool of Blue Thread brought me back to Anne Tyler, too. I've enjoyed her books for decades. Have a good week, Lisa!

  3. It took me two hours to figure out how to post pics and a video on Blogger last week! I hate it too...

    How did you like In a Dark, Dark Wood? It's my fave of hers. I hope you are able to get to your plans this week and that sinus headache goes away.

    I've had to take lots of breaks. I've been trying out new ideas for crochet fall projects. And getting my son set up for online school has taken a toll this week! Yikes...

  4. I have avoiding swapping over to the new Blogger until I have to. The things that bother me are how hard it is to create labels and scheduling. Hopefully I will figure it out when I do have to change over.

    Have a great week!