Sunday, February 11, 2024

Life: It Goes On - February 11

Three years. That's how long ago I realized that life really does go on. I can't believe it's been three years since I got the call that my mom had died.  It's been three years; the shock is gone, then pain is lessened. But I still think about her all of the time. This week, I saw a news story and thought that I needed to call her and make sure that she had seen it. She used to call me almost every day just after I sat down for my lunch break. Frequently, I was frustrated that I wasn't going to have some quiet time, some time to read. Occasionally, I let the call go to voice mail. One of the lessons I learned through her loss was to never, ever, let those phone calls go to voice mail. There is never anything that you're doing that is more important that taking the time to talk to the people you love. 

Last Week I: 

Listened To: I finished Anderson Cooper's Astor

Watched: Roman Holiday with Aubrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck - her first movie and only Oscar. I love this time of year when TCM is playing only movies that won Academy Awards in some way. 

Read: I finished After Annie and continued my re-read of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park for book club this month. 

Made: Honestly cannot remember a single meal we ate at home this week. Pretty sure The Big Guy prepared all of them. 

 A 24-ish hour visit to Kansas City to visit Miss H. It's the first time we've been to K.C. since the weekend she moved into her apartment three months ago. BG did all of the dad tasks that she needed done and I helped her hang some new shelves and picture frames. It was fun to just hang out and be with each other; but we did also manage to work in dinner at Waldo's Pizza. It may be my new favorite pizza place. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: Wednesday is the first day of 40 Bags in 40 Days. The Go Simplified Challenge continues and February's focus is entertaining spaces so that's where I'll start with 40 Bags. 

I'm actually way behind in February as I had a vehicle full (and my Pilot holds quite a lot so that gives you an idea of how much I'm talking about) of stuff sitting in my dining room, waiting to be taken to the Goodwill. Realistically, I'd just have continued adding to the pile. But I just could not bear to put anything more in my dining room. Now that it's emptied out, I'll start filling that corner up again!

Thinking About: Spring. It's been so unseasonably warm here the past couple of weeks, with no end in sight, so garden planning has commenced. 

Feeling: Tired. We opted to sleep on an air mattress in Miss H's living room to give us more time to be together. Can someone please invent an air mattress that doesn't leak out air during the night? We weren't on the floor by this morning but we were only about 2/3 as high off the ground as we had been when we started and getting out of the bed was a challenge! 

Looking forward to: My uncle has to come to town this week so I'm looking forward to seeing him and enjoying dinner out together. 

Question of the week: Are you cheering for the Chiefs or 49'ers in the Super Bowl, just there for the ads, or couldn't care less? 


  1. I agree in hindsight about not allowing those calls to go unanswered.