Friday, July 27, 2012

Fairy Tale Fridays - A Fresh Take

My friend Teri and I have a lot in common.

Not really. She's an East Coast city chick; I'm a Midwest suburban gal. I'd like to be creative; Teri really is creative, very creative. Two things we do have in common: we both love books and we both love fairy tales.

Teri, who blogs at Quinceberry: My Artful Life, creates the most marvelous books out of papers, fabric, lace, all manner of media and all kinds of interesting embellishments. Her latest creation is this fairy tale book. All of the artwork is Teri's creation and she's also given her own spin to some classic tales. How fun is this version of Rapunzel?! I just had to share this with you.

To learn more about the inspiration behind this book, and to see more of the pages, check out Quinceberry: My Artful Life


  1. This looks wonderful! Thanks for introducing us to her!

  2. This is both wonderful and hilarious, and I can see why you love her. I would love to see this book in person, and get a better look at it. Great find today! It's very cool!

  3. Teri's creations are amazing!

  4. I love altered work and her's is amazing!!!

  5. Great stuff. What many people don't realize is that fairy tales changed and evolved over time to represent the morals and lessons of the era (ie: The Hunter never saved Little Red Riding Hood, lesson: watch out for wolves!).