Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where In The World Are You Reading?

"Where In The World Are You Reading" is hosted by Trish of Love, Laughter And A Touch of Insanity, Kelly of The Written World, and Lisa of Books. Lists. Life. with idea to share a piece of your reading world through pictures and/or words. This month's meme prompt was to write about your local bookstore. Local bookstore can be any physical brick and mortar store--one you've visited on vacation or one local to you. The bookstore can be an Indie or Chain.

My local indie bookstore is one you've heard me talk about before - The Bookworm. The Bookworm has been in existence since 1986, moving to it's present location in the Countryside Village in 1999. There's been a bookstore in the Countryside Village since 1964 (back when all bookstores were indies!). I must say that I have kind of mixed feelings about The Bookworm (I'd prefer not to have dogs in the store with me) but they have everything I want in a bookstore and there's even a cafe attached.

The booksellers love to have fun at The Bookworm
Notice THE CHAPERONE on the shelf?

My go-to place for seeing authors, including Mary Helen Stefaniak

The Bookworm has eleven in-house book clubs including one for fans of Sherlock Holmes, one for Civil War buffs and even one called Aardbaark (Amiable Adults Readers Discussing Books Almost Always Read by Kids). Plus, they host over 100 book clubs, offering 20% discounts to book club members, and they will even order books just for clubs. If I could only get the members of the Omaha Bookworms to actually buy books!

Best part of The Bookworm? I can get there over my lunch break!


  1. I'm laughing at the Aardbaark name, but I'd so join that group!

  2. Sounds like a perfect store!

  3. I love the name Aardbaark, and the idea! Wish I could join! :--)

  4. Oh, now I definitely need to come visit and make a stop over at The Bookworm! I love it when Indie stores get all creative and do things like make special displays, and I also love that they host so many book clubs! You are so lucky! There are virtually no Indie stores in our area.

  5. The Bookworm sounds like a charming bookstore to me. Now, I would love the idea of a dog in the bookstore and a cat too!!!

  6. Dogs in the store? That would turn me off too. Thanks for joining us!

  7. Wow the Bookworm looks like a great store :]

  8. You mean they have dogs running around in there or they allow people to bring them in with them? Normally it is cats... Dogs are intriguing... I love dogs, though. :)

  9. I wouldn't like the dog presence either. Any pet presence except maybe fish... and I have pets! Time and place, you know?

    I'd join the Aardbaark book club if I were local, too. Sounds fun. :)

  10. I love the name of this bookstore! ^_^

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