Sunday, December 8, 2013

Life: It Goes On - December 8

Every year I set myself a schedule of things I need to get done in December before the holidays. I never build in a couple of days to be sick and yet every year I seem to get catch a cold that knocks me out for a few crucial days. You'd think I'd learn to just plan on that happening! Woke up with a cold Friday and the very productive weekend I'd planned has been completely tossed on its head. I have gotten quite a bit of reading done, though!

I have stuffed tissue up my nose (sorry for that visual!) and plugged away on the decorating. I've done some new things this year which is always fun but makes the whole process take longer. Everything is up now but I still need to decorate the tree. Honestly, it's my least favorite job, although I think this is largely my own fault because it has to be just so and therefore takes much longer to do than it should!

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: I continue to listen to Under The Tuscan Sun and, although I'm still not enjoying the narration, I've gotten over the fact that it's not like the movie and am enjoying it for what it is.

Watching: It's definitely winter - our movie rentals have resumed and we're catching up on all of the Oscar nominated movies from last year we never saw. This week we've seen Lincoln (incredible acting), Django Unchained (interesting story but if you don't like blood, pass on it), and Life of Pi (cinematically amazing).

Reading: This week I read Anna Quindlen's Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake which I'll review this week and can't wait to discuss with the Bookworms this week. It's a book I would recommend to all women of a certain age. I've started Rachel Joyce's Perfect for an upcoming TLC book tour. With Christmas gifts to make, though, I'm not sure how much more reading I'll get done this year when I'm done with that one.

Making: This week I'll start making fleece blankets for the great-nieces and nephews...again. Apparently they were such a big hit last year that the kids want more. Which warms an auntie's heart but definitely means my reading time will take a hit. Also have another project to work on but it will have to stay top secret until after the holidays.

Planning: On getting started this week with Christmas baking. The kids love to help with most of it so it requires some planning to find times that work for all of us.

Grateful for: Kleenex Ultra Soft.

Loving: That Miss H has finally started college. She was not excited to start but did it for us. We are so proud of her for the effort she's putting out so far. We just want to make sure she has options in life.

Feeling: Overwhelmed - I can't believe there are only two weekends between now and Christmas!

Thinking: With help like this, I may never get much done on the computer! Twenty-pound cats really do not belong on desks but there's no convincing Iroh of that.

Looking forward to: Spring. Is it bad that I'm already so over winter and we haven't even had a real snowfall yet? On the plus side, before long, the days will soon start getting longer.

How are you handling the holidays this year? Are you finding the time to get it all done or have you made changes to make your life easier this time of year?


  1. Wow, I never thought of MAKING fleece blankets instead of buying them! (not that I could, but it's great to know one can!) And yes, overwhelming that Christmas is almost here!!!

  2. Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake is one of my all-time favorites and I loved Lincoln! Struggling along with holiday prep and feeling overwhelmed, too… it's hard when Thanksgiving is so late. Have a good week, Lisa.

  3. I still have some holiday shopping to do. Mostly I'm stressing out about grades. Honestly, I don't do as much as I should for the holidays, and I wish I were better about it. We don't have snow in South Carolina, which is a good thing, but it can lull me into forgetting that Christmas is approaching!

  4. I'm sorry you are so sick! I hope you are starting to feel better. I think I"m coming down with a sinus infections and definitely have the winter blues. We've had a couple of pretty bad snow storms already. I'm also done ;)

    I am finding that I have to take it one or two days at a time and not worry about getting everything done I had planned. It's making it a little less hectic this year!

    Hope you have a great week!

  5. I hope you're feeling a lot better now. I admire how much you get done in your week and I hope this week goes well.

  6. I watched Django Unchained early this year and remember thinking right from frame one that this looks like a Tarantino movie (I didn't know the director yet). Man, that guy goes for splashy gore.