Sunday, December 22, 2013

Life: It Goes On - December 22

Celebrating the second day of my five day weekend - love having these three days before the holidays to get things done without completely losing my mind trying to do it. This morning I'll finish up the last of the presents I'm making and then the wrapping will begin.

So hoping that all of you who are getting the terrible weather this weekend are staying safe and for those that celebrate Christmas, I hope you can get to where you need to be to spend time with those you love. We have just enough snow on the ground to give the feel of a white Christmas but the roads should be good and we're looking forward to being with our families.
Here's What I'm:

Listening To: Neal & Leandra's "Angels & Fools" - lovely Christmas music. Very upset that my other Neal & Leandra Christmas CD seems to have vanished. Must scour CD collection!

Watching: I do believe I have now watched all but a couple of versions of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Thanks, TCM! Since I own the George C. Scott version, I'll be watching that one today.

Reading: Finishing up Dames & Daughters of Colonial Days this week for a challenge then I'll start The Girl Who Played With Fire, also for a challenge.

Making: Blankets! One for Miss H and three for our niece's children. But no ties this year! I about crippled my hand last year cutting those darn things on so many blankets. I doubt anyone will miss them.

Planning: On spending the next couple of days getting things wrapped up then I 'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks with minimal days of work and lots of time to enjoy family and relax.

Grateful for: Traditions - with flexibility. As much as we all look forward to the things that we do every year, I so appreciate my parents' understanding that this year things will just have to be a bit different since two of my kids have to cut short Christmas Eve to work.

Loving: The Big Guy and I drove around the other night to look at Christmas lights. So many pretty displays...and a two-story tall inflatable Santa!

Feeling: More relaxed than I have in years heading into this time of year.

Thinking: Of making homemade cat treats. Have I lost my mind or am I really turning into one of those crazy cat ladies?!

Looking forward to:  Family time!

Wishing all of you who celebrate it, a very merry Christmas!


  1. Cat treats?? LOL.

    I am loving all the Christmas lights this year. SO many in the neighborhood have put them up this year. I think the economy is doing better and that people are happier than they've ever been. I know people still struggle with the holidays in general but I am feeling pretty good this year. Tired, but good.

    I just finished cookie baking. Might have some eggnog now.

  2. Traditions with flexibility. Definitely our approach this year. Everything feels different. But in a good sort of way.

  3. Glad you've got some time off to relax, Lisa. A very happy Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Sounds like a great way to spend the holidays! Those blankets sound cozy - I'm planning to make a few too at my end. Happy Holidays!