Monday, October 23, 2017

Life: It Goes On - October 23

How did all of my readathon friends do this weekend? I was so sad to miss it - always look forward to it, even though I have not once figured out the best way to make it work after all of these years.

As much as I missed being able to do Dewey's, I did love my weekend at my brother's and sister-in-law's. We got to spend time with all of the kids and the much-adored Miss E, we went hiking to a park we have enjoyed for decades, got Shakespeare's pizza (a requirement with every visit), hit up a winery, and got in lots of talking and laughing (my sister-in-law and I stayed up until 3 a.m. Saturday morning without even realizing we'd been talking that long!). So wish we could get there more often.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: My new podcast of choice is Crime Town. This season is about Providence, Rhode Island and Buddy Cianci. I keep thinking of the restaurant my aunt and uncle took the Big Guy and me to when we visited them in Rhode Island and they were telling us about the mob hit that had taken place in that restaurant. In 1983, that was something shocking for this naive Midwest girl! I had no idea it was so common then!

Watching: Volleyball, football, baseball, The Voice, The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Reading: Chugging along still on Grant. Good thing I get more days with this one than I was expecting!

Making: Pizzas, baked chicken legs and sweet potatoes, something else that was delicious, I'm sure, but apparently not memorable.

Planning: On putting the yard and gardens to bed for the winter this week, with much sadness.
Just a few of the books I've
bought recently

Thinking About: Putting a moratorium on my book buying for the rest of the year. Somehow I've managed to buy about 20 new books in the past few weeks. In my defense, except for a couple of gifts and one new book for myself, all of the others were used and cost no more than $3. Still, my shelves will, once again, need to be reorganized to fit everything on them.

Enjoying: See collage. Miss H and her uncle both got a lot of great shots at Rock Bridge park.

Feeling: Excited. I think. Just after we got home last night, a deputy came to our door to tell us that they had found Mini-him's car that was stolen a couple of weeks ago. He hadn't seen it yet and we can't pick it up yet so we have no idea what kind of condition it's in. It was found only a few blocks away from where it was taken so we are hoping it was just some kids out for a joy ride. We'll hopefully find out tomorrow. Unfortunately, just Friday Mini-him bought a new car. So now he has (if the stolen car is drivable) two cars.

Rock Bridge Park, Columbia Missouri 
Looking forward to: So, if the stolen car is still in good shape, Mini-me may buy it. Which means we'll have to get it to Milwaukee. Oh darn - I'll have to go to Milwaukee and see my kids again. Fingers crossed that will work out.

Question of the week: Did you participate in Dewey's Readathon? If so, how did you do?


  1. Looks like you all had a great weekend together! Beautiful shots! Glad they found your son's car, though. Hopefully it still runs!

  2. Just a bit of info... there is a young girl on The Voice right now, Karli. She was in community theatre with my son. She has come a long way from community theatre.

  3. I didn't participate in Dewey's though I always want to. It seems like something always comes up so I don't but I think it's time I just do it and try my best. There's always going to be a conflict. That's great about the car though bad timing on the car purchasing. Hopefully it's in good shape. A friend of my daughter's car got stolen and they found it a block away from his apartment. Actually the friend's dad got a call in the middle of the night saying his son's car had been found crashed into a fence with an unresponsive drunk guy in it. It took some sorting out but it seems the drunk guy had gotten into the car, disengaged the parking brake and put it neutral (it's a manual transmission) and then passed out as the car rolled down the hill into a fence. Luckily there was only minor damage but it took awhile to get all that sorted out! Have a great week!

  4. It looks like you had a great time with family. I'm glad the car was found and I hope it's in a good state. My pile of unread books never diminishes! No I didn't participate in the Readathon, but I've always got a book I can pick up or put down. Because I'm not working I can decide how much time I spend reading. I'm going to our city's annual book fest event at the weekend.