Sunday, October 8, 2017

Life: It Goes On - October 8

Ladies and gentlemen: I have, perhaps for the first time, actually completed the R. I. P. Challenge. Already. Yea, me! Ok, ok - it's entirely to do with the fact that both of the books I read were downloaded from Netgalley and had to be read by now. But still!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I've continued "reading" The Bones of Paradise. There's no way I would have gotten through the print copy of my library book before the book club bag was due back; being able to do a listen/read has been a lifesaver!

Watching: The Avett Brothers in concert! Oh, sure, it misted the entire concert and I was pretty cranky about that right up until they started. But once they started, I was remind again how much I enjoy their storytelling and the energy the entire band puts into giving their fans a great experience. 

Reading:  Basically, I've been a reading fool because I went completely berserk requesting books on Netgalley without paying any attention to archive dates. Boy, is it showing in my house. But we're only eight days into the month and I've finished three books, and will finish a fourth today. Of course, this week I will start Ron Chernow's Grant which will take me the next two weeks to read. My dad's also reading it so when I review it, you'll get his opinion, too. But he doesn't know he's going to do that, yet, so don't tell him.

Making: I can hardly remember what we ate for meals at all this week except I did make Irish nachos for supper on Friday. Health food at it's finest! Tator tots topped with ground beef, bacon, cheese, onion, sour cream, chives and tomato.

Planning: On heading off to Junkstock shortly. I don't usually go on Sundays but it has been so rainy here all week (several inches in just a couple of days) so I decided to give the mud a chance to dry up some.

Thinking About: How it might be time to give up on shorts and capris for the year. Even the cats, in their fur coats, have decided it's time to start cuddling up on our laps (aka stealing our body heat).  

Enjoying: Family. Jeff's cousin and his wife, as well as their son and his wife and baby boy, came to Nebraska this weekend from California. It's always good to get to spend some time with them and it was fun to get to meet the baby. As much as Facebook makes me crazy most days, it's been fun getting to watch him grow up that way but more fun to actually get to hold him!

Feeling: Angry. Wednesday night Mini-him walked out of work at 9 p.m. only to find that his car had been stolen. He's been driving the original Mama Shep's 2000 Honda Civic, nothing fancy at all. We're almost certain it was stolen for parts so don't hold much hope out for it being found. It was in fantastic shape and, of course, he had no car payment. It will be hard to replace, particularly since he hasn't been saving money to be ready to get a new car. So frustrating that people think it's ok to just take the things that others have worked so hard for.

Looking forward to: A normal week? I'm not entirely sure what that means any more. It seems like there's always something, even in this phase of our lives.

Question of the week: Have you ever had a car stolen? How did that experience end up for you?


  1. That sucks about Mini-him's car. My husband had his car stolen when he was in college. We knew it was sold for parts. They did find it eventually stripped down to the frame. What sucked was that his father gave him that car but refused to pay for another one, even though it being stolen was not his fault. So, he was stuck with public transportation again until he could afford the down payment for a new car.

  2. Irish Nachos sound like something I need to try.
    I heard about the car being stolen via FB. That sucks majorly.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Mini-him's car. That kind of thing makes me furious. Hopefully he'll find something that won't strain his budget too badly but I know it's incredibly hard when you weren't planning on replacing a car at all. I wish I could give up on shorts for the year! I'm so tired of them but every time I think the time is close the temps head back up into the 90s. Soon though! Have a great week!

  4. I'm so sorry your son had his car stolen! Such a violation. My car has been broken into and my neighbors had their license plates weird. I hope it works out.

    My cats have been stealing my heat these past few weeks as the temperature has significantly dropped around here. Lots of cuddles at night! Best time of the year.

  5. Yum! I've never heard of Irish Nachos before, but they sounds delicious!! :)

    We finally broke out the long pants and sweatshirts this past week. We've been living in shorts since we moved to Oregon, even when everyone around us kept asking us if we were cold! :)

    So sorry to hear about your son's car! Does insurance cover that? I've never had a car stolen, nor do I know anyone who has.