Sunday, September 6, 2020

Life: It Goes On - September 6

Happy Sunday! Or as I like to call it on this three-day weekend, happy second Saturday! It's going to be hotter than the gates of hell today so I need to wrap this up quickly and get outside to do the things that need to be done out there before it gets too hot. Like figure out a way to drain out my giant fern plant that is drowning in its pot after then sprinklers somehow got set to go off every day. Can't tell you how much I'm not looking forward to doing that - it smells horrible and I'm going to be filthy before it gets done. So many things I'd rather be doing!

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I'm finishing up Mikki Kendall's Hood Feminism today and it's such a good wake up call for white feminists.

Watched: Hamilton with Miss H. Again. The Big Guy doesn't get our want to do that despite the fact that he will watch Office Space every single time it is on t.v.

Read: I finished The Mirage Factory and am hoping to finish The Book of Two Ways this weekend. I think Joyce Carole Oates' latest, Night, Sleep, Death, and Stars will be up next.

Made: Lots of salads, cucumber dip, pasta caprese, and grilled burgers. We're still eating like it's summer here, although, looking at the forecast, we will probably be having soup later this week. 

Enjoyed: A day with Miss H yesterday. We got up early and headed to K.C. - we got somethings done around her house for her, went out for lunch (Banksia - highly, highly recommend them!), hit up the City Park Market (although we are second-guessing our choice to stand in line for spices), and made a late run to Ikea once there was no line to get inside. 

This Week I’m:
Those blue legs will give you an idea of 
where this piece started.

On finishing up this table I've been working on all week (today it will get its final finish), finishing the paperwork project I started a couple of weeks ago, and, hopefully, talking BG into cleaning out the garage. This time I'm really hoping to talk him into getting rid of a lot of stuff that's making it hard to even find things out there.

Thinking About: How happy I will be when I don't have to watch or read any more campaign ads. Every election seems to notch up the level of negativity but this time the fear mongering has reached new highs (or lows, I suppose). 

Feeling: Lazy. But the to-do list is too long for a day of rest. 

Looking forward to: Seeing my parents tomorrow. 

Question of the week: For those of you with kids, how are you handling the return to school?


  1. I had to take much of August off many things to get into the back-to-school routine. My kindergartener is doing school remote and it has been challenging overall because both my husband and I work, plus we have a toddler in our midst. I look forward to the weekends, more than ever before!

    1. I'll bet! I've felt like this was hard for us but we don't have young children - I can't imagine the challenge of that, what with the schooling and the need to find ways to socialize them while keeping them safe.

  2. That table looks very similar to a pair that my parents had many, many years ago!

    I would love to watch Hamilton a second time, but we got rid of Disney+ after we watched the show. I hope a dvd is released sometime soon so I can watch it over and over!

    Our summer temps have been very mild, even for the Oregon coast. I'm talking mid-50s to low-60s! We're supposed to get some "hot" weather in the next couple of days, so I'm busy watering. No, it doesn't rain here all the time. ;)

    I hope Nebraska can stay safe now that the colleges have resumed f2f classes. Take good care!

    1. Our CoVid numbers are definitely going up a lot (and I'm not even sure Ricketts is giving us all of the numbers) since school started. Thankfully, both Lincoln and Omaha have mask mandates, even if our governor won't mandate them. Could you have imagined, a couple of weeks ago, that the virus would be the least of your concerns?!

  3. I hope you were able to accomplish everything you wanted to before the heat set in. Sunday was 117F here. We were out and about through the worst of it, unfortunately, and were so glad when we got home. I'll have to look for Hood Feminism. It sounds like a must read. I love Hamilton. I think my husband has watched it the most among all of us, but we all love it. Those songs get stuck in our heads all the time. LOL

    I am so glad we don't have regular television, so I get to avoid a lot of the political ads. It's bad enough online. I try to avoid that kind of thing as much as possible.

    School is the best. It's been such a breeze. Just kidding. We just started week 5. It's had its challenges, but we seem to be managing well considering. It's definitely not ideal. My daughter wants to be back in the physical classroom and with her friends. I can't blame her. I really feel for the teacher. This has to be so hard for all the teachers.

    I hope you have a great week, Lisa. Happy Reading.

    1. I wish I could get the hubby to turn off regular television - we have all kinds of other, better options and I'd love to not have to watch the vitriol in the ads. My hats off to all parents and teachers as you navigate this new school year. It's tough on everyone!

  4. This election is like no other. Unprecedented what we have to wade through.

    Last weekend was so hot I felt my skin cooking every time I stepped outside. 120. Today is much cooler, 90 but the sky is a horrible yellow color from the fires. We have a high wind warning which is not good for the fires. It feels like fall because the light quality is so weird but it won't be fall here until late October.

  5. As if 2020 weren't bad enough already, what with the politics, virus, and hatred - those fires look like hell on earth. I hope you and your family stay safe!