Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Salon - June 7

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of having lunch with my cousin, her friend, my cousin's daughter and my own daughter at the art museum. It was happenstance that we happened to be there when admission was free (yah!) but more importantly, when the museum was hosting an exhibit dedicated to the artwork from Golden Books, the books so many of us grew up on.

I had always thought of the artwork in these books as being of one type, but this exhibit proved that my memory was quite faulty. Among the illustrators shown were Richard Scarry and Hilary Knight (who provides the illustrations for the "Eloise" series of books). Many of the illustrations displayed are from books I still have in my possession and took me back to my earliest recollections of reading. Do you remember reading "Chicken Little," "The Little Red Hen," or "The Pokey Little Puppy?"

On Sunday 4/5 of my family headed off to headed off to enjoy lunch with my parents and usher at their community playhouse's production of "The Producers." They have very good talent in their city and the production was just wonderful. Sadly, like so many theaters, financially times are tough. The next time you're thinking of going out for the evening, why not forgo the movie multiplex and support one of your local theaters?

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