Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Winter's Respite Read-A-Thon Kick Off

Actually, I started reading for the Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon (hosted by Michelle of The True Book Addict) yesterday but already had a review scheduled so held off until today to do my kick off post.

With no football to watch, I figured that there would be lots of reading time for me if I just decided to make it so. But Mini-me had other ideas; he is moving, starting yesterday, into an apartment a few miles from home. Which, of course, means that mom has had to help him back, help get things the guys need for the apartment, and help them move. All of which I love to do but all of which really cuts into my reading time!

I'm still bound and determined to finish at least two books this week, the two books that I started last week but which almost completely got set aside when I picked up Left Neglected by Lisa Genova to read at work and which I finished last night. I've got a good start on both of those so finishing them should be no problem. The bigger question will be what to start next and here's where I'm asking for your help. Which of these should I read after I finish Across The Endless River by Thad Carhart?

Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

The Only True Genius in the Family by Jennie Nash

The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry

 Hours read: 12

Pages read:  367

Books finished: 1


  1. Ooh, I vote for Mermaid, as I would like to hear a little bit about that one! My second choice is The Kitchen Daughter, which is lingering on my shelf as we speak! Good luck with the reading!

  2. My vote goes for The Kitchen Daughter with The Only True Genius in the Family coming in as second.

  3. Hey there...I hope you get to fit some reading in this week too. You have a great list of books there. Mermaid certainly looks intriguing! Above all else, remember to have fun. And be sure to stop by the blog and check out the mini-challenges, giveaways, and the prize page.

    Happy Reading!

  4. Personally, I'd choose The Kitchen Daughter, but I feel like Mermaid may be a better choice for a read-a-thon? Not sure, I haven't read any of them!

    Good luck :)

  5. I also vote for The Kitchen Daughter because I really want to read it so if you read it first, I can find out if it's worth my time. :) Thanks!