Sunday, October 5, 2014

Life: It Goes On - October 5

If I had not already resigned myself to the fact that fall has arrived, this week would have forced it on me. Monday I wore capris to work, Tuesday  I carried an umbrella, Thursday I wore a jacket and Friday I had to bust out a sweater. We even had to cover plants one night when we had a frost warning. I'm not quite ready to give up on my peppers, strawberries, tomatoes and flowering pots. The herbs will have to move inside for the ... well, you know, that nasty six-letter word that is the season that lasts entirely too long.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I finished Sarah's Key yesterday. I know it's a much beloved book but for me it was a real disappointment. I'll start Laura Lippman's By The Spider's Thread tomorrow.

Watching: The baseball playoffs. We don't watch a lot of baseball here but when those 150 regular season games are nearly over and the games start to really count, then we get interested. Boy, are the Kansas City Royals giving fans something to cheer about this year - their first time to the playoffs since 1985 and three extra-inning games in a row. Very exciting. 1985 doesn't seem that long ago in some ways until I remember that we were still three years away from having our oldest and had only just moved to Omaha. We hadn't yet bought our first ever brand-new car or become homeowners. We still had all four of our parents and six of our grandparents. My how our lives have changed since the Royals last played when it really meant something!

Reading: I finished my 60th book of the year yesterday and started Kathleen Flinn's Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good. I was, however, an utter failure at the FrightFall read-a-thon, forgetting entirely that I was planning on devoting more time to reading during the week and had planned to read a thriller.

Making: Beef stroganoff, pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting, barbecued chicken pizza and, today, BLT's - because we've still got just-picked tomatoes to use and there's not a better way!

Planning: Not so much my plan as Miss H's - she is thinking of moving out with a couple of friends so we are starting to think about what she will take, what she will need, and, incidentally, if she can really afford it. I'm not sure she's quite ready for it and I'm finding out that I'm definitely not. But when your kids are grown adults, there are somethings we've just got to accept. Even if inside, you're not happy.

Grateful for: The Big Guy - again - for being so patient with me the past month as I've battled a cold, a stomach bug, and the knee recovery (will that ever end???). He's been so patient and has taken such good care of me!

Enjoying: Getting my fall stuff out and up. I've used so much from my yard this year that I don't even have room for my pumpkins.

Feeling: Like it's time for me to just push on through the pain that is my knee these days. BG was a wreck last night when he came home and found out I'd been up on a step stool when there was no one home but I'm tired of sitting around.  If my dad can keep going with his back sore all of the time, I can buck up and get off my butt!

Looking forward to: Many birthday celebrations this month - two nieces, a brother, a cousin, a nephew-in-law, myself, and my mom - plus BG and I will celebrate our anniversary and the 35th anniversary of the day we met!


  1. Sadly, our growing season is over and I'm already missing the fresh tomatoes. I've got a copy of Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good coming up soon, so will be curious to hear what you think. Enjoy all the upcoming celebrations... early happy birthday and anniversary wishes!

  2. Sarah's Key was a big disappointment for me, too! I'm not even tempted to try her other books.

    Hope your knee starts feeling better soon. My husband had back surgery almost a year ago and while it's better, he's still dealing with aches and continues to take Advil for some relief.

    Hooray for the K.C. Royals. Wish our Huskers had their luck!

  3. This weekend I was wishing we had that pool again--it was so hot! Triple digit temperatures again. I do wish the fall weather would hurry up.

    I haven't read Sarah's Key yet, but I have heard mixed reviews. I'm sorry it disappointed you. Let me know what you think of Lippman's book. I have only read one book in her series and I enjoyed it. I've enjoyed her stand alone novels as well.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and anniversary of the day you and your husband met! My husband and I celebrated ours last month--well, we didn't actually do anything, but we acknowledged it. :-)

  4. Lots of celebrations for you this month!! I'm hoping that it's a pretty low-key month for us but Scott will be in London for almost a week and that always throws a wrench in our days. Beef Stroganoff! I haven't cooked that for ages and bet it would be a crowdpleaser here.

    Hope your knee is feeling better soon! Sounds awful.

  5. I remember when I moved out for the first time. I could afford it and it certainly helped that I had a roommate but man, what an experience. It was fun and a pain all at the same time. I think Miss H will be fine if she has some friends to do this with. It's fun to buy dishes and stuff. I stocked up on that stuff when I was 16 or so so that I'd be ready at 18 to make the big move. It helped a lot.

    Your weather. I wish we had some. I can probably wear capris until late January. It does get a little chilly in the morning but the mid-day is warmish. Enough for capris and my husband wears shorts year round if that says anything.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about sickness and your knee keeping you down this month. I've been wracked with colds and sinus infections as well this month. Sometimes you just have to move a bit to keep from going insane.

    What a big step for your daughter to consider moving out on her own. I wish you all the best with that. Happy anniversaries and celebrations this month! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend :)