Sunday, November 16, 2014

Life: It Goes On - November 16

Baby, it's cold outside! From the looks of the weather map in the mornings, it looks like most of you can relate. We've had a couple of hits of winter weather this week - a morning of black ice for the drive into work and yesterday our first real snowfall of the season. I'm ready for spring already! Although the snow was pretty.

It's been a wedding weekend hangover week (not literally - golly, I didn't drink that much!). Between that and the cold, I haven't been able to convince myself to get much of anything done; I've hardly even made time for reading. I have gotten to spend quite a bit of time with Miss H (we see her more now that she's moved out!) and the better part of a day with my parents, so that's good!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Still listening to Sea Poppies by Amitav Ghosh. It's a little tricky to keep track of, a lot of characters with, for me, unusual names. Thanks to a road trip, I'm now about 2/3 of the way through it.

Watching: Back to the usual this week. It's almost movie rental season for us and then I'll finally have something new to tell you about.

Reading: Oops. Got well into The Secret History when I remembered that I needed to get this month's book club book read and I have a scheduled review this week. So, right now I'm racing through The Paris Wife and then it's on to Syrie James' Jane Austen's First Love.

Making: Beef stew, chicken and noodles, chicken and wild rice, chili - you can really tell the temps tanked this week, can't you?!

Planning: Nothing got done on Miss H's room until this weekend. The carpet is finally cleaned and today can start moving furniture in. This week will be about finishing that piece, moving my crafting and sewing things in, and figuring out how much of the stuff on the walls I can take down without upsetting Miss H too much. Even though the room is mostly empty, she still seems to think we'll leave it as is...just in case, you know.

Grateful for: Good doctors and nurses.

Enjoying: The kickoff of college basketball. BG and I went to a game Friday night and had so much fun.

Feeling: A little bit like a grinch. I'm really not ready for it to be the Christmas season. It's all just so overwhelming.

Looking forward to: Book club on Tuesday!


  1. Oh you reminded me I wanted to read Sea of Poppies! I have the book, so that will make it easier, apparently!

  2. Love that cute picture of you and the big guy. Looks like most of our family portraits. ;) And funny how that works with kids moving out and seeing them more--I'm sure she misses your company as much as you miss hers. I'm so grateful to only live a mile away from my mom and everytime Scott suggests moving I loudly protest.

    Stay warm!! And safe--black ice is scary! We're freezing in Dallas, too. Makes me scared for a long winter.

  3. I've never heard of Sea Poppies ... I need to check that out.

  4. It's tricky figuring out what to keep in the kids' rooms--my older daughter is living 1000 miles away, but the job is temporary, so I don't know whether to make it into my office (which I desperately need to do) or wait and see where she lands next. I know she won't want to move home permanently, but I don't want her to feel that she is homeless. :)

    I'll be interested to read your review of The Secret History, and I quite enjoyed Jane Austen's First Love (I'm on the blog tour with an author interview on November 28). Are you on the tour?

  5. I am not ready for the Christmas season either, but I've managed to buy most of my Christmas gifts already. I think having it done will go a long way to making me feel better about the season.

    I'm not ready for winter either. I thought I was...and then we woke up to snow. I don't like it, especially since I'm afraid we won't see grass until spring.

    Have a great week!

  6. I can understand the wedding weekend hangover. I always need a few days to recover from crazy busy days! I look forward to seeing what you think of The Paris Wife. It's on my TBR list but I just haven't picked it up yet. Enjoy basketball season and have a good time at book club!

  7. Our weather got cold and windy. By cold I mean 65 degrees but I still have my coat on and I have been in the office for awhile now. I just can't get warm. I'm not feeling much like doing anything right now. I'd rather pick up my thanksgiving meal stuff but no, I am at work.