Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life: It Goes On - May 10

Oh my goodness, what a week! Wednesday we had major storms move through - tornadoes and huge amounts of rain. After hours of sucking water up, furniture moving, and some roof work, my parents will need to have the carpet pad in their basement replaced. My sister and I, Miss H and the Big
Guy and my niece's friend spent quite a lot of time getting things settled but they were luckier than many and for that we are grateful.

Miss H and my niece
We got to celebrate two graduates yesterday - one of the young men we consider a son and my niece. So proud of both them; they both graduated with honors. He graduated with a degree in a field he might not have entered without having seen my dad give a presentation when the young man was in fifth grade. Plus I've edited quite a few of his papers so I feel our family had quite a bit invested in his success!

We left there and went straight to a wedding - the son of friends of ours got married and we partied with them well into the night. Goodness, I haven't danced that much in years! Once again I was reminded of how lucky we are to have such dear friends and to be close enough to share in their joy.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I started The Story of Beautiful Girl on Friday, a book recommended by a book club friend and I'm really enjoying it so far.

1975 Omaha tornado path
Watching: "The Royals" on E; a special about the F4 tornado that devastated a part of Omaha 40 years ago (not a good idea for someone who is a tornado scaredy cat to watch during storm season) and "Wolf Hall." How's that for variety?

Reading: I finished my read/listen combo of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on Thursday. I was almost finished Wednesday and could have finished it on page but just could not decide which was the best way to finish it. So I listened then read it both. I'm hoping to finish Silver Bay today.

Making: Fettucine alfredo, taco soup, tuna salad, grilled chicken salad. Can you tell the weather's been all over the place lately?

Planning: A couple of trips - a weekend to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday with my entire family and a trip to my aunt's and uncle's.

Grateful for: This text message: "Yeah, we're fine, just had to get a tow out of it." This after having received a text message from Mini-me that the car he and his girlfriend were driving in slid off the road in a snowstorm while on a trip to the Black Hills. It's May, people! I shouldn't have to worry about my kids driving on snowy roads in May!

Enjoying: A relatively quiet day even though there are so many things that I should be getting done. Sometimes you just need to recharge.

Feeling: Loved.

Looking forward to: Some time off work, time to enjoy my family, relax and laugh.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I think the best part of your post was the 'Feelings: Loved'. May we all say that each week. Glad to hear of your fun times with family and friends. Glad that all are OK in the storms. I have a feeling that this is going to be a stormy year. Our forecast here in the Austin area is for rain and storms all this week - every single day. We are grateful for the rain. The storms - well, we're used to them but is it too much to just have the rain alone? LOL

  2. You've had an eventful week in different ways. I'm glad Mini-me's car incident wasn't serious, your parents had help with the flooded basement, the graduation and wedding celebrations were enjoyable and your knee is better so you could dance the night away!

  3. Sounds like you've had a crazy and mostly fun week! I bet you had a scary moment with your son but what a feeling of relief with that text! Glad all is well. Glad you've managed to get some recharge time. I think we're all pretty bad about going to long without that. Have a great week!

  4. What a busy week! I am so sorry your parents have had to deal with so much trouble from the storms.

  5. Lisa was telling me about the snow in Rapid this weekend--crazy!! I can't believe the weather everyone is having. We've been a lot cooler than normal and I can't believe ALL the rain we've had. I'm actually about to yell uncle and cry for some sunshine! LOL!

    Sounds like you had a really busy and fulfilling weekend with lots of family and friends! You are a lucky and blessed lady. :)

    And can't wait to hear what you think of Extremely Loud!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. As usual, you've been busy but it sounds like it was busy in a good way.

  7. Lots happening but all fun! accept maybe the weather. It looks like a crazy year, another one. CLIMATE CHANGE! Anyway, there's a bar/lounge off 72nd street that wasn't hit by that tornado 40 years ago and they have never redecorated it. I always loved going there when we lived in the apts nearby but my husband said it gave him the creeps. (of course, that was 15 years ago so maybe it's changed. I hope not)