Sunday, May 21, 2017

Life: It Goes On - May 21

You know what else goes on? The rain. I feel like I've been whining about the rain for weeks now! When we started planning the wedding, I wondered about ordering some handheld fans in case it was too hot. Now I'm wondering if we might need to order a lot of umbrellas and rain ponchos, in case it never stops being the rainy season!

I haven't necessarily been doing more reading lately, but I have been enjoying the reading more. Once the wedding is over, I may give myself permission to spend a week of evenings doing nothing but reading! I've been reading a lot of books with heavy themes - that week, maybe it'll be time for some chick lit, something light and fluffy.

My sister and her husband were up north for a couple of days so I got to spend some time with these two pups this week. They have a lot of energy so we played a lot of fetch and tug but they were missing their people so I got a lot of love, too.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Slate Audio Book Club's discussion about Lincoln In The Bardo and a couple of episodes of This American Life; Ruby is still breaking my heart on audiobook; and live jazz music Friday night at The Omaha Lounge which is located in an old shoe store and still has all of the original fixtures and lighting. We'll definitely be going back there for the music and the atmosphere.

Watching: Some Grace and Frankie, The Voice (although, once again, I have some issues with the people who made it to the finals), some baseball, CBS Sunday Morning.

Reading: I finished Miss Burma and Notorious RBG and started The H-Spot. I'm finding, lately, that as much as I've really enjoyed the fiction I've been reading, it's the nonfiction that has pulled me in.

Making: I can't actually recall what we ate this week, except homemade mac and cheese with mushrooms and bacon.

Planning: Yeah, you already know the answer to this one. We did go and get the catering order finalized yesterday. The kids are having Mexican food and the place we're using is nothing fancy but the food is sooooo good!

Thinking About: How few days it is now until I get to see my kids again!

Enjoying: Lots of time with friends this weekend. Friday night we celebrated the birthday of the woman who introduced me to The Big Guy with a fabulous dinner then drinks and live music. Last night we had cocktails with friends at our favorite place in our "neighborhood." We knew that place was closing but were surprised to find out they had decided last night was their last night. Had to get in one last time!

Feeling: Surprisingly calm. For now.

Looking forward to: A four day weekend with the house to myself. BG is headed to Milwaukee with Mini-him for a bachelor's weekend. I've got a to of stuff planned to do but I'm giving myself one day to just sit.

Question of the week: Looking for recommendations for books I should read that week after the wedding when I won't be wanting to think to much.


  1. I cannot imagine how stressed you are with planning a wedding; I'm losing my mind and am just planning a grad party! I think Pinterest has made planning anything so much worse, don't you? All this expectation to have amazing decorations and settings. What happened to loading up a cooler of drinks, having everyone bring their own chairs and a dish and celebrating together without making it a production?

    Enjoy your weekend alone; I hope that it is productive and restful!

  2. I hope the weather behaves for the wedding. It was hot at heck here this past weekend and I was not all that happy about it.

    Book recommendations. I really don't have any for the "after wedding" period. You want light and you know me, I tend to not read light. There are so many beachy reads out now though. I can tell by the covers that they aren't that unique story wise but anything set in Cape Cod sounds good.