Monday, May 29, 2017

Life: It Goes On - May 29

Ah, glorious four and a half day weekend! I've been so looking forward to this for so long. And now there's only one day left. And I haven't even gotten started on painting the guest room which was my Saturday project. I have checked off to-do's off my list. But you know how things always take longer than you think they will. I did, after all, spend 30 minutes deciding on just the right shade of white to paint that bedroom. That's normal, right?

The guys are at the beach
The Big Guy and Mini-him headed to Milwaukee Friday for a boys weekend with Mini-him, all of his attendants and a couple other of his closet life friends. Mini-him's been sending me lots of pictures and they look like they are having so much fun; I wish I were a fly on the wall to see my guys so happy.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: While I'm driving, still Ruby, which is such a tough read. These past few days, I'm enjoying the quiet of BG being gone.

Watching: Lots and lots of Grace and Frankie while I'm working on projects in the family room and quite a few episodes of The Mindy Project during the evenings when Miss H and I are hanging out. Also, while my dad, a huge fan of it, was here today, we watched the Indianapolis 500.

Reading: Victor LaValle's The Changeling has grabbed my interest, something that's been hard to do of late.

Making: Tuna salad, grilled burgers. Otherwise, Miss H and I have been eating a lot of takeout.

Planning: On getting on the ball and getting some painting done tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get some of the other things on my list checked off as well.

Thinking About: Remember how last week I was feeling remarkably calm? Yeah, this week, I'm thinking about all of the things and I'm pretty sure I will never get it all done.

Enjoying: Some time with my sister before she moves. We went to the town my dad grew up in and put flowers on the graves, visited my mom's cousin, and stopped at the ice cream place my grandpa and grandma used to take us to when we were little. It was a good afternoon!

Feeling: Remember how last week I was feeling remarkably calm? Yeah, this week, not so much. Even with the long weekend. How can it only be 33 days to the wedding?!

Looking forward to: Next weekend, we're having a virtual bridal shower for Miss S. She can't get down here to have a real one so my sister and and sister-in-law have put together a Facebook Live shower. Party goods have been sent and food is being shipped so it will feel like a real shower. They are the best aunties!

Question of the week: I'm kind of a chihuahua and I'm trying to find ways to keep myself calm the week of the wedding (short of medication and alcohol!). What are your best tips for keeping calm?


  1. How exciting! A wedding come up in the family - wonderful! I know just what you mean about the to-do list - seems I never get enough items done on it!

    And I also understand your feelings about being on your own for a weekend! I love my family but a few days all to myself is a real treat!

    I like Grace & Frankie too. Hope oyu enjoy your books this week!


    2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

  2. Spending some time on a small home project sounds like a good way of taking your mind off what else there's to do re. wedding preparations so I hope you got some painting done in the guest room over the long weekend. The evening with your Dad and an afternoon with your sister in Dad's town going to the cemetery and remembering times when you were a child sounds good. I'm sure you'll enjoy the build up to the special day as you go with the flow. You have a lovely family sharing all the organisation. Enjoy the virtual bridal shower!

  3. I cannot imagine the stress that you are under. I have found that regular meditation has been a great way for me to stay (relatively) calm when my anxiety about my to-do list kicks up a notch. I am not certain how much it will help you the week of the wedding, but even taking a regular five-minute break to breathe and refocus might be beneficial.

    Good luck!

  4. Cleaning. I find cleaning to work better than any drink or med. Plus, the house will look great.