Sunday, July 23, 2017

Life: It Goes On - July 23

It's been a tough week with no end in sight; but we have managed to find some fun here and there, all while continuing to battle the relentless heat. You know the heat's been bad when you're excited for a cloudy day and a high of 92 degrees sounds like relief.

Mini-him had his wisdom teeth removed Monday and I took the day off to mother him. He'd long thought that he wouldn't have them removed (and we've read that it's ok to leave them) but then they started to crowd his other teeth. Let's just say that it's a whole lot easier to have wisdom teeth removed when you're ten years younger; Thursday he was finally able to "chew" macaroni and cheese!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: More podcasts - History Chicks, Stuff You Should Know, Happier, and Stuff You Missed In History Class.

Watching: "The Boys of 36," which was a PBS show that I found on Netflix that tied in, for me, to the book The Boys In The Boat. It was fun putting faces to the names of the people I'd "met" in the book and being able to actually watch them race. I also watched the movie "Lion" starring Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel, which is based on a heartbreaking true story.

Reading: I'll have read two books in three days by the time today is over, thanks to the 24 in 48 readathon (even though I'm not going to come anywhere near to 24 hours of reading). I've read The Little Book of Hygge (celebrating my Danish heritage) and Aunt Dimity and the Summer King. There are a whole series of Aunt Dimity books which are cozy mysteries but with a fantasy element which will likely keep me from reading any more of them. Still, it was light and fun. Up next is Nasty Women: A Collection of Essays and Accounts Of What It's Like To Be A Woman In The 21st Century.

Making: Meals for Miss H. We've been doing meal prep for her on Sundays. Last week she tried two new recipes. One was a hit, the other not as much. We did learn that you don't want to make full recipes when you are doing meal preps for one person because it means you'll be eating the same thing over and over and over for days. She didn't mind so much when it meant lots of buffalo chicken but even that she began to tire of eventually.

Planning: Nothing at the moment. The trip to Milwaukee is on hold for the time being; too hard to get everyone off work at the same time. Much sadness.

Thinking About: We toured the newest mosque in town yesterday. I've never been in one before and we learned so much. It's actually called the American Muslim Institute and is as much a community building as a religious one. Our guide told us that all four of the other mosques in town have been vandalized but that, thanks to the amount of community support they receive, they are able to focus on the good.

Enjoying: Book club and a new (to us) brew pub.

Feeling: Like I need at least one more day to the weekend. Oh, wait. I feel that way every weekend!

Looking forward to: Celebrating Mini-him's birthday tonight, his last birthday in his twenties. How can one of my kids be almost 30?!

Question of the week: Have you ever heard of hygge? I can't wait to review the book and find out ways you are already incorporating it into your lives!


  1. We just watched Lion last week, too. We all thought it was excellent. I loved the little boy who play the young Saroo.

  2. Poor mini-him on the wisdom teeth removal! I had mine out when I was 17 and it was not a lot of fun. My poor husband left his in and woke up one morning unable to open his mouth. It seems they had started to come in and somehow locked his jaw. He had to eat mashed potatoes while he waited for his appointment to get them out because that's all he could get into his mouth! Love your podcasts. History Chicks and Stuff You Missed in History Class are 2 of my favorites. The Book of Hygge sounds really good and is on my TBR. I have 0 Danish heritage but I do love the concept. I'm not sure what my Irish ancestors had as an equivalent though everything I know about Irish history doesn't indicate that there was much coziness of any kind. Have a great week!

    1. I've never heard of wisdom teeth causing your jaw to lock up! If I had, I never would have let Mini-him wait so long to do it!