Sunday, July 30, 2017

Life: It Goes On - July 30

I contemplated not doing this post this week. It's been a tough week and I am not feeling like very good company, even through the interwebs. It was brightened last night by time with great friends, today by time with my parents, Friday by an hour and a half phone call with my sister, and today by book mail and a card from Care. It's always good to be reminded that your team is much bigger than you think it is.

On the plus side, my gosh have I been reading. I've been sticking mostly to short books, even though they aren't exactly light reading. 250 pages seems to be about the length of my attention span these days. I did DNF'd Once, In Lourdes; I just couldn't make myself care about the characters which seems wrong because they were all characters that needed people to care about them.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: For the same reason that I can't seem to get into books that are longer than 250 pages, I've decided to continue to stick with podcasts for the time being.

Watching: Game of Thrones - getting my popcorn ready to settle into tonight's episode. The Big Guy actually put on the new Pete's Dragon the other night. Why, I have no idea. Another night it was Westworld. Now that is a show we'll continue with, very intriguing.

Reading: I'll finish Nasty Women this week; it's a collection of essays by women which was funded through Kickstarter. Then I'm on to Jonathan Dee's The Locals. Which I can't remember anything about as I'm about to pick it up. Seems to be my usual state of late.

Making: Um. Nothing? I did throw some potatoes in the oven to bake. That's about as close to making anything as I've gotten this week unless we count throwing together some salads or some quick pasta w/ tomato, basil and cheese as making dinner.

Planning: Nothing at the moment. We're in limbo for the time being. Although trips to Milwaukee and my sister's new place are on the horizon.

Thinking About: A fitness center strictly for people 55 and older. Yep, that's how my mind is working these days; things are weird.

Enjoying: Wedding pictures! We got the pictures this week from the photographer who took pictures at the reception and I am so enjoying revisiting that night. I'm enjoying even more seeing the look my son had on his face that day. He was so in love and so happy! Makes a mom's heart happy, too.

Feeling: Loved.

Looking forward to: Putting out the Halloween and fall things I bought today. If only fall could get here and it could still be warm and light late into the evenings at the same time.

Question of the week: What's the greatest thing a friend has ever done for you?

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  1. Sorry it's been a rough week... sure hope this one is better. I'm with you on the short books lately. All three of my Paris in July picks were around 250 pages, and that seemed just right. Love the wedding photo :)