Sunday, September 17, 2017

Life: It Goes On - September 17

It's been summery here this past week. Until yesterday, when it actually felt chilly out in the middle of the grey day. Convinced me I need some new, cozy throw blankets soon. It also convinced me that, since I was the only one at home for five hours, I needed to spend the morning curled up on the sofa, reading and playing games on my phone. I felt a little guilty about it. But only a little.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Podcasts: Happier, Stuff You Missed In History Class, The History Chicks and Radiolab. Music: The Avett Brothers, after seeing the movie (see below).

Watching: Football - ouch (very painful Husker loss), three episodes of Orange Is The New Black, Hidden Figures (a good movie although it certainly took liberties with the facts and blended some characters) and the Judd Apatow documentary about The Avett Brothers, May It Last which was one of the best music documentaries I've seen.

Reading: I started I Am A Man after seeing author Joe Starita, but stopped when I realized that I'm meant to be reading (my choice) foodie books for Fall Feasting this month. So now I'm reading The Telling Room. Which is bound to make me want to cook but even more likely to make me want to eat great cheeses every day.

Making: Hot pork roast sandwiches (using last Sunday's leftover pork roast), tacos, avocado toast, and, yesterday when it was cool and I felt like turning the oven on, I made lasagna. I know I'm starting to get the autumn feeling when I'm ready to start doing real cooking. Also, I made a pumpkin dip. If that doesn't say autumn, I don't know what does.

Planning: A trip to Wisconsin to see my sister's new home and a trip to Missouri to see my great-niece my brother and his whole family.

Thinking About: Tackling my office. How can it always being needing to be cleaned up? How can we, after all of the purging and organizing I've done this year, still have so much "stuff?" To be honest, I was sort of glad, while we were doing craft projects for the wedding, that I had a lot of the things I had previously considered getting rid of, like dowel rods and fabric scraps. On the plus side, my organizing efforts meant I knew I had those things and exactly where they were. I don't think we'll ever be able to live as minimalists.

Enjoying: The house being decorated for fall. I'm sure I'll continue to switch things up a bit but I'm happy with it for now. In October, I'll switch out some of the things for Halloween and in November for the Thanksgiving things but the base pieces will stay where they are.

Feeling: Like it's time to break out the apples, caramel, and pumpkin. I'm working really hard to, now that I've accepted it's fall, appreciate all of the great things the season brings.

Looking forward to: Getting this print which my brother put together of images he took of the eclipse. Can't wait to get it hung above The Big Guy's desk! If you're interested in a copy, email me. He's putting in an order for them tomorrow. Prices start at $25 for a 6" x 30" copy.

Question of the week: What's your favorite thing about fall? All of the pumpkin and apple flavored foods? The colors and light? The crunch of the leaves underfoot? Pulling out sweaters and warm blankets? The smell of your fall candle scents?

Remember when I reviewed the book about hygge a few weeks ago? I feel like fall is the perfect hygge season!


  1. Can I say all of the above to why I love fall? I really do think it is a combination of everything - the colors and light, the foods, the scents, the leaves, sweaters, blankets, and other cozy things, candles, everything. I much prefer to be bundled up anyway. That is relaxation to me, so when the weather finally allows me to do so without sweating, I am a happy camper!

  2. Hi Lisa, I like your weekly updates, even though I don't often comment. I enjoyed Hidden Figures at the movies and want to see it again "on demand". Apples -- pies, coffee cakes, applesauce, cobbler all sound good to me LOL . We had some perfect fall weather but now, it's been humid and low 80s for a few days UGH and AC is on. Enjoy your week.

  3. Sometimes you need a lazy day like that. :-) I'm looking forward to turning off my computer soon and spending some time with my family. Mouse wants to go to the park. It's a little more overcast than I'd like for a park visit, but why not?

    I hope you have a great week, Lisa!

    Fall is my favorite season. I love the chill in the air in the evenings and the early mornings, the changing colors of the leaves, blankets and hot chocolate. Of course, that could be winter around here too. LOL

  4. I'm glad that the weather is cooler now we're back in the UK. With no travel plans I shall appreciate Autumn in the UK. It's good to have the resource of books from the library again and to enjoy a walk in the park. I've been reading one of my favourite crime writers, Ann Cleeves. The Shetland series and some of her stand alone novels set in the colder, more isolated regions of the British Isles are a good read especially at this time of the year.

  5. Football is off to a rough start to us too. I love my Auburn Tigers but Clemson was just brutal to them. I had meant to decorate for Halloween and Fall before we left for Disney in a couple of weeks but I'm thinking it's not going to happen. Love the print! Great photos by your brother and his formatting is perfection. I think my favorite thing about Fall is not having to wear shorts. By about now I'm so sick of summer clothes that I long to be able to wear jeans outside and not melt!

  6. Wow! I love the images your brother took. Beautiful. I'd actually like that print. It's beautiful.

    It's been very cool here in Utah too. Settling in for Fall early it seems. I do hope we have a couple more weeks at least of some nice warm weather....