Wednesday, December 6, 2017

#AMONTHOF FAVES - This is how we read

What with the reading slump(s) and the crazy year, I haven't kept a very good record of what I've read  so far this year. Fortunately, that reading slump also means there aren't as many books to keep track of this year so I've taken a quick run through of my blog calendar to grab some quick statistics.

Total Books Read: 55
Written By Women: 43
Written By Men: 12
Fiction: 38
Nonfiction: 17
Diversity: 8
Set In Other Countries: 8
Audiobooks: 8
DNF: 3
Feminist: 4
Mystery: 7

I'm pretty happy with my fiction-to-nonfiction ratio (if I could have finished Grant, I'd be even happier with that ratio). I'm a little surprised by my female author-to-male author ratio; I know I always read a lot of books by women, but I don't think it's ever been this lopsided before. I'm down on audiobooks this year since I've spent the past several months listening to podcasts and music instead of books. Three DNFs is really big for me. Although I'm disappointed that I didn't enjoy those books more, I'm proud of myself for not pushing through them when I wasn't enjoying them. I read well more mysteries this year than I usually do; they were real saviors during my reading slump. I would like to see my diversity reading at a higher number, as well as my feminist reading (although, to be honest, I'm not entirely clear on how I'm defining a feminist book yet).

I'll finish at least four more books this year but that final number will still be well below my usual number of books read in a year. I'm pretty sure I've bought more books this year than I've read!

What have I learned from taking a look at these numbers? First of all, I HOPE I've learned to accept fewer books for review so that I can read what I'm in the mood for instead of having to read on a schedule. Secondly, I want to listen to more books; I'm thinking the library will be helpful with this (time to renew my card). Third, read more of my own damn books. Finally, read more diversely and more feminist book, and continue to increase the number of nonfiction books I read each year.

What did your reading look like this year?


  1. My numbers are way down this year (28 so far), but I anticipate a big jump in 2018. I was too busy selling a house, moving, entertaining house guests and getting settled in a new home. Reading took a backseat, but now I'm on a roll, making more time for the books and the blogging.

  2. My written by men and women came out just like yours. But right now I'm drawn to female written perspectives this year. So I won't beat myself up for it! Sorry about the reading slumps. I get into those toward the end of the month when I've read a lot of something I wanted to focus on. I hope your reading slumps are less this coming year.

  3. I like your way of analyzing your books for the year--I might try something similar myself. I know I tend to read more books by female authors than male authors, and I know my nonfiction is up for the year also. I'm usually at about 60 books a year, which is what I will probably land at considering what it's progress.

    Happy reading for 2018 and enjoy the holidays!