Sunday, March 25, 2018

Life: It Goes On March 25

The bridal shower is in the books, my overnight guests are well on their way to home, and the house is clean so I've had a lazy afternoon. I should have spent it getting some projects done around here but these grey skies are leaving me without ambition. Spring needs to hurry up and actually arrive.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Bailey's Shower Playlist. One of the games we played at the shower had to do with popular first dance songs so I put together a playlist of those songs. I've found myself actually enjoying some country music but my favorite song on the list is Sara Bareilles' "I Choose You.

Watching: Basketball. That's pretty much it.

Reading: I haven't done much of this, either. Finished Alice I Have Been for book club which got postponed to this week and now I'm back to The Merry Spinster.

Making: I made a new dip for the shower. It called for light sour cream and light mayonnaise...and a pound of bacon. I couldn't imagine putting an entire pound of bacon in a dip (and didn't) but why in the world would you bother with light fats if you're using a pound of bacon?! Also, Mrs. S sent me a recipe for bread that tastes like the bread at Outback Steakhouse's bread. It turned out perfectly and, let me tell you, bread with cocoa baking it in smells delicious!

Planning: Easter, although we won't be doing too much since no one from my side of the family will be around and Mini-me and Mrs S will not be here.

Thinking About: How much I need to get done if I'm going to reach 40 bags in 40 days by this coming Sunday. This has really gone by the wayside this past month. I may not make it but I'm determined to at least get through some more areas still.
The bride - can't wait until she is
officially part of the family!

Enjoying: The bridal shower and being with family.

Feeling: Like I need to get something done before the day is done. Maybe I can talk The Big Guy into cleaning out his closet. Ha!

Looking forward to: Book club.

Question of the week: I'm hosting book club this week so I need to think about what to serve. Any suggestions?


  1. How can you not have a book club meeting discussing Alice I Have Been and not serve tea? I would keep it tea themed with cakes and little sandwiches and scones. Have fun!

  2. I suppose a pound of bacon and reg mayo and sour cream might separate from too much oil?? I bet the dip went fast though.

  3. She looks like a beautiful bride! Good luck with all the plans and everything!