Sunday, April 28, 2019

Life: It Goes On - April 28

As predicted, it was a quiet week around here. Laundry, cleaning, putting the Easter things away, organizing things for the kids to take when they both move out soon. And babysitting the grand kitty who's living with us right now and whose master's been gone for a week. Our cat and Mini-him's cat still can't be in the same room so Mini-him's cat has been living in the basement where he cries a lot. So The Big Guy and I have taken turns going down to play with him and be in the basement so he doesn't feel so alone and I have even had him upstairs while our cat is outside some. For which I have been rewarded by having Mini-him's cat go from hissing and making noises I've never heard a cat make before to getting cuddles. I'm not sure which one of us has "won" here - me or the cat!

Last Week I:

Listened To: I meant to start Washington Black but realized I only had the loan for four more days by the time I was able to start it and knew I wouldn't get it done. So I put it back on hold and picked up Rachel Hollis' Girl, Wash Your Face. Miss H listened to it and really liked it; it definitely has a lot of advice that speaks to women in her age group.

Excuse my messy basement - one
of these days I'll be able to put
it back in order!

Watched: A lot of videos for cats on YouTube. Mini-him's cat is entranced by them so we've put them on to keep him from getting so bored. It's like turning on  cartoons while your kids are little - you aren't really paying attention as you go about doing things but they still get stuck in your head. Also, yes, it's exactly like turning cartoons on as a babysitter for your kids when you need a break from their meowing whining.

Read: I raced through Ruth Ware's The Death of Mrs. Westaway and now I'm reading Jing-Jing Lee's How We Disappeared.

Made: Homemade mac and cheese, pork roast and mashed potatoes, and BLT salad. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the weather here this week - some days warm, some days chilly.

Enjoyed: Garden center shopping - I got everything for our gardens and flower pots and the big flower pots are all planted already. Which, of course, meant that it got cold enough over night last night that I had to pull them all close to the house and cover them. It's totally worth it - I'm happier once I can look out at flowers.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: On moving Mini-him into his new place, starting on Wednesday. This wouldn't be such a daunting prospect if he'd found a place on the first floor instead of the third floor!

Thinking About: Getting out of town. Mini-me and Ms. S closed on their new house on Friday and I want to get north to see them and the house and to see my sister. Then, too, I want to get south to meet my new great-niece.

Feeling: Lazy - two grey days in a row make it hard to me to get any ambition.

Looking forward to: Getting past this week!

Question of the week: As we say goodbye to April showers and look forward to May flowers, what's your favorite annual to plant in the spring?


  1. Will look forward to your thoughts on The Death of Mrs. Westaway. I borrowed it from the library last year, but wasn't able to read it before it was due.

  2. I don't even know the names of plants because we live in the desert so everything dies. Sometimes, even desert plants die. We are an interesting mix of hard packed dirt and dust.

    More moving! You guys amaze me.