Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lit: Uniquely Portable Magic

This week, I'm looking at women and books as I go through my bookish saves on Facebook.

First up, from Book Riot comes a list of 10 New Books on Anger, Feminism, and Unruly Women (mind you, this list was created in September 2018 so these are really all that new anymore). I've had to back off my anger for a bit for my mental health, with 2020 and elections around the corner, I'm ready to get fired up again and these books will help!

In June 2018, HelloGiggle gave us this list of the books Emma Watson and her feminist book club had read to that point. Everyone of the books on this list that I've already read I heartily recommend and I can't wait to get to the rest of them. Now I need to go find out what the club has read in the past year. Why haven't I joined this book club?!

POPSUGAR gives us this list of 100+ Books by Black Women That Should Be Essential Reading for Everyone. This seems even more appropriate to share since we recently lost Toni Morrison, whose Beloved appears on this list. You know that I'm always trying to push myself to read more diversely and this list is going to be a great help when I'm looking for my next book to read in the pursuit. Every one of the books on this list is written by a different author (hence, only the one book by Morrison on the list) so there are a lot of new authors to experience.

Because, let's face it, most book clubs are made up entirely of women, I'm including some book club lists on this post as well. First up is Reese Witherspoon's Book Club Picks from Read It Forward. While Witherspoon isn't nearly as edgy as Watson, her books always focus on women and she does include a mix of styles, from books that would likely be considered chick-lit to Curtis Sittenfeld's short story collection, you think it, i'll say it which I reviewed here.

If you'd like to push your book club out of their comfort zone, check out this list of 10 New Controversial Books To Shake Up Your Next Book Club from Book Riot. I'm forever trying to remind my book club that one of the reasons to join a book club is to read books that they wouldn't otherwise pick up. Trust me, none of them would pick up any of these unless I made them do it!

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