Sunday, January 12, 2020

Life: It Goes On - January 11

Happy Sunday! I'd like to tell you I had something witty to wow you with or some profound wisdom to drop on you but, I'm sorry to say, I've got nothing.

It's been a very quiet week and weekend. The Big Guy was gone all week for work, Mini-him's been out of town all week, and yesterday morning I dropped off Miss H for a flight to Chicago. She is meeting up with Mini-him there and then they will head north to Green Bay. Today they will be, literally, dressed from head to toe in Packers gear as they cheer on the Pack in their playoff game against the Seahawks. They are both beyond excited, in no small part because they feel like they are living out a dream for their grandpa (who taught them to love the Packers). He won't be far from their thoughts all day.

Last Week I:

Listened To: I finished Susan Choi's Trust Exercises which is some seriously twisty goodness. Today I'll start Jeffrey Colvin's Africaville. To be honest, I have no idea what that one is even about any more!

Watched: Because I was home alone two things happened: there were long periods when the television wasn't on at all and I binge-watched Season 3 of The Crown. I also watched Fiddler On The Roof and Nathan Lane/Matthew Broderick version of The Producers.

Read: I finally finished a print book and I'm so glad I kicked off the year with a modern classic. To be completely honest, I read the entirety of The Remains of the Day in Anthony Hopkin's voice, which is not altogether a bad thing.

Made: Zip, zilch, nada. One night Miss H was home for dinner and I made grilled cheese sandwiches but that hardly counts. Otherwise, when the cat's away, the mouse will eat...a whole box of peanut brittle and the easiest meals possible.

Enjoyed: Dinner out with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law at the restaurant Miss H works on. Made her wait on us which is always a nice treat for a parent!

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Can you believe that the corner of my basement I started weeks ago still is not finished? I'm hell bent to get that organized this week. 

Thinking About: Daylight Savings Time. It's less than 2 months away and this girl cannot wait to come home and have some daylight hours to enjoy.

Feeling: Rested. My parents have been here this weekend; and while we haven't been entirely lazy, we have spent a lot of time just sitting and talking.

Looking forward to: Hearing about my kids' adventure.

Question of the week: It's time to start making soup again. What's your favorite soup?


  1. You're the first person I've heard mention the audio version of Trust Exercise... just listened to a sample and like it! Not sure how soon I'll get to it, but I will. Thanks!

    1. I liked it the audio; it's well read. Just listen to it when you can really focus on it.

  2. Your week sounds nice, as quiet as it was. I love quiet weeks. :-) I imagine when I read The Remains of Day, his voice will be in my head as well. I hope your parents have had a nice visit. I miss having my mom here, but I imagine she's probably glad to be away from us. LOL I hope you have a great week, Lisa. Oh, and my favorite soup is potato cheese.

    1. Potato cheese soup is the perfect cold weather day soup, isn't it?!

  3. Green Bay won! My husband was so excited.

    Have you seen the trend lately with grilled cheese sandwiches where they throw cheese in a skillet, add the grilled cheese prepped sandwich on top and then throw more cheese on TOP? It's like a cheese enveloped grilled cheese. All crusty and buttery. It looks delicious but deadly.

    1. I think I saw Trisha Yearwood do that on her show once and have thought about trying it. But I can't help thinking that I'm just going to end up with cheese all over the pan!

  4. How did you feel about the cast change for The Crown season 3? I must admit I'm having a hard time. I made it through the first episode but haven't watched the second yet.

    I'm truly planning on reading more classics this year. I've started on two and hope to continue the pattern.

    Good luck with your basement!

    My favorite soup is a creamy chicken tortellini soup. I make it at least once a month during the fall and winter season. But I also make a mean beef stew we all love in my house.

    1. Oh, that cast change was tough! I love Olivia Coleman but it took a long time to adjust. She does, to be fair, look more like Elizabeth and it's better to go with an older actress to play Elizabeth as she ages. But dang, to have to get used to an entire new cast was a tough one.