Sunday, September 19, 2021

Life: It Goes On - September 19

Happy Sunday! I know it's almost officially fall (and I am starting to get the fall feels) but it feels like summer here this weekend. We ate breakfast on the patio and it was absolutely still and quiet out and I wondered why we haven't done that more often while it's been nice out. 

I got to work from home a couple of days this week. Since the big desk rearranging this summer, The Big Guy is now working in the room I used to work in and I had to move up to what I euphemistically call "my office." The beauty of that is that the table I set up on is positioned between two windows on the second floor and it felt a little bit like I was working in a tree house. I threw open windows, pulled a comfy chair up to the window for the cat to sleep in and thought I was going to really enjoy working from there 2-3 days a week going forward. And then my peer at work put in her notice and once she's gone, I'll have to be in the office full time. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. 

Last Week I:

Listened To:
 I finished The #1 Ladies' Detective Agency and I'm now about half way through Andrea Bartz's We Were Never Here, which is another of the Reese Witherspoon book club's recent picks. 

Watched: Football, the finale of America's Got Talent, some HGTV, and John Legend on Austin City Limits. That show's long been something we watch on Saturday nights if we're home; but, my goodness, have their lineups changed in the past couple of years. 

 I finished Jodi Picoult's latest, Wish You Were Here, and started Colson Whitehead's new book, Harlem Shuffle. I'm not always good about reading the Author's Notes at the end of books, but reading Picoult's really gave me a greater appreciation why she'd written her story the way she did. I've only just started Whitehead's book and I'm already, once again, so impressed with his storytelling.

 On Meatless Monday, we had pasta with freshly picked tomatoes and basil. Otherwise, it was bacon week for us. BG picked up some really good slab bacon and croissants so we had BLTs with those and homegrown tomatoes...twice. Another night we had fried potato casseroles with, you guessed it, bacon. Last night we went out to eat and, of course, I ordered a burger with bacon. This week - salads!

Enjoyed: Spending the day with my dad yesterday then capping the day with dinner out with friends. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: I'm picking up the "ingredients" for laundry stripping today so I'll be doing a lot of that this week. Also, I'm already playing catch up on the Fall Cleaning Challenge so I need to finish up the bathrooms and move on to the kitchen. 

Thinking About: Funerals. Yesterday my dad and I went the memorial service of a friend's mom. It's the first time either of us has been to a funeral since my mom's and I think we were both a little nervous about going. But it was the right thing to do, so we went; and we both came away with some very distinct impressions about what we do and do not want for our own services. 

Feeling: Excited - I have tomorrow off for absolutely no reason other than just to take a day off. 

Looking forward to: Book club on Tuesday. 

Question of the week: Have you ever given any thought to your own funeral or memorial service? I was so grateful that my mom had put everything in writing long before it was needed and I've since chosen music and some readings. What music would you choose?

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