Sunday, November 28, 2021

Life: It Goes On - November 28

Happy Sunday! As always happens, this four-day weekend has flown by. It always seems like there will be plenty of time for relaxation or big projects but I always forget that half of it is already spoken for what with the actual holiday celebrations. So yesterday was about getting the usual weekend cleaning done and today will be about getting the Christmas bins brought up so I can start decorating. 

This whole decorating thing would go much more quickly if I would cut back on the amount of stuff I have or just do things the same way from year to year. But I don't. This year I got inspiration from a picture on Instagram, found that I had a scarf that would be a great launching off spot to create my own version of the picture and then I ordered a bunch of new ornaments. At least I'll be able to use all of them in other ways if I don't ever create this look again. We'll be having company next weekend so I can't drag this decorating thing out as long as I often do!

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: Still listening to Richard Powers' Bewilderment. I haven't listened at all this weekend so may end up having to speed it up to get it finished before it needs to go back. 

Watched: Last night The Big Guy and I went to the symphony to see Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire  while the symphony performed the soundtrack. Not something we would normally go see but Mini-him had tickets he ended up not being able to use to we used them. Getting to our seats was something of a Keystone Cops event but once we settled in, we enjoyed it very much. Except for the part where people came who clearly had no idea how to behave when you go to the symphony. 

Read: I haven't read much this past week and I'm bouncing between books, not getting far in any of them. Not sure I'll have much time for much reading this week either. 

Our littlest helper
 I have always appreciated all of the work my mom put into getting holiday meals on the table but I have a newfound appreciation for it after having to step into her shoes this year. My sister-in-law and I split things and still it was a lot of work. I made three pies, sweet potatoes, my great-grandmother's beans, and another dessert that's a family tradition. 

Enjoyed: Being with my family as we made it through Thanksgiving, which was maybe my mom's favorite holiday. We did all of the traditional foods (my sister-in-law even made the scalloped corn with oysters that my mom loved), set the table the way my mom would have, threw in some new versions of traditional activities, and everyone stepped up to fill in the gaps. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: See above. It will be all about decorating, cleaning for company, and making food for Saturday. 

This little one was a great help!
Thinking About:
Before all of the holidays now we get the messages about how to handle the holidays when you're with family you don't necessarily get along with or agree with. My nephew and I could not be more different in our political views; we know this and have long ago agreed that we will not discuss those things. Friday, when he was up with his mom's side of the family and busy with them, I got a text from him. In part it said, "I haven't ever told you how much I appreciate the way you treat my family...You could easily let how different we are affect our relationship...but your investment in my family is awesome." Love him and his family so much and I'm so grateful that we have not let our differences keep us from each other. 

Feeling: Blessed. I know that to be true every day but it's always good to have the annual reminder to give thanks for all that we have. More than plenty to eat, warm homes and clothing, access to good health care, family who loves us and friends who have gotten us through this difficult year. 

Looking forward to: An evening with great friends. 

Question of the week: Of course we only put foods on the Thanksgiving table that we like but somehow some of those leftovers are much less appreciated than others. What leftover would you just as soon throw away than eat again after Thanksgiving dinner? 

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  1. I really don’t go any further than decorating a tree though I’d like to do something a little fancier.
    Because of my mums surgery I have to do most of Christmas lunch this year (my dad is still doing the ham which he cooks anyway). There will only be eight of though this year so not too bad

    Wishing you a great reading week