Sunday, November 7, 2021

Life: It Goes On - November 7

Happy Sunday! We've had a glorious weekend here, by Nebraska November standards, at least. We've gotten a lot a yard work done, enjoyed the fall foliage in our yard, even as it was falling to the ground, and gotten to eat some final patio meals before it's too cold to do that for the next few months. 

As nice as it was to be outside, it was also a reminder of why it's hard for me to be excited about autumn. It's not really autumn until the leaves start to turn, sometime in October, and it's more or less over once the leaves have all fallen, which will be in the next week or two. So, it's essentially a six-week season, during which I have to spend a good deal of time and effort making my yard look barren. And then today arrives and I lose an hour of sunlight on the end of the day I need it the most. **Sigh**
Last Week I: 

 Listened To: Lauren Groff's latest, Matrix. It being by Lauren Groff, I didn't even look to see what Matrix was about before I checked it out. It isn't at all what I was expecting but I'm really enjoying it and I'm really happy that I'm listening to this one. 

Watched: Nothing you don't already know that I watched. 

Read: I've got so many books that have come in from the library and that I need to read for review that I've been reading like a maniac this week. Tonight I'll race to finish Tea Cooper's latest, The Cartographer's Secret, so that I can write a review for a TLC Book Tours review tomorrow. I always enjoy her books because they are all set in Australia. 

Made: Lasagna, spinach and ricotta stuffed jumbo shells, taco salads, grilled cheese. Not exactly health food!

 Another weekend with Miss H. She came up so she and The Big Guy could go to Hamilton, the first time either of them has seen it. She has been wanting to see it since the first time she listened to the soundtrack. I wish I could have gone with her so I could have seen her reactions (I know tears were shed!) but I'm so glad that she and her daddy got to have that time together, just the two of them. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: It's going to be a busy week, so no major projects will get worked on during the week. Hoping to find the time next weekend to finish up my sewing cabinet project, though. 

Thinking About: Christmas decorating. I absolutely will not actually decorate until after Thanksgiving and I'll be ready to take it all down right after Christmas. But right now, I'm excited to think about what I'm going to do differently this year. 

Feeling: Excited. My sister became a grandma for the first time yesterday. I'm so happy for her (and, of course, my brother-in-law and the new parents!). 

Looking forward to: Celebrating birthdays with the friends I call my tier ones on Tuesday!

Question of the week: The coffee places have brought in the Christmas flavors; I had a peppermint mocha the other day. Are you hanging on to pumpkin spice or are you ready for the Christmas flavors? 

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