Sunday, October 2, 2022

Life: It Goes On - October 2

Happy Sunday! It is, once again, a sunny one here. Wish I were able to get outside and keep enjoy it; but I have too much to get done today, so I'll be enjoying it through the open doors and windows. 

This past week took an unexpected turn when my brother-in-law's mother passed away on Wednesday. The Big Guy and I ran into Lincoln Wednesday to make sure my dad's house was ready for company and to be there when my sister and her husband arrived. We went in again Friday evening to deliver a meal to the family and Saturday for the funeral. They have lost, as we did when my mom died, the rock of their family and my heart breaks for them. 

Meanwhile, the work to be done at my dad's continues; we stayed later on Saturday so that I could get some more sorting and packing done. One moment I think that we are in good shape and then next I panic about the amount still to be done. Fortunately, the only things that I absolutely need to worry about are the things he is taking with him and even some of those can be brought to him after the move. 

Last Week I: 

Listened To:
 I'm listening to Wilkie Collins' The Woman In White, which I'm reading for R.I.P. Did I mention that I'm participating in both that and Something Wicked Fall (hosted by my friend, Michelle, over at Seasons of Reading? 

Watched: Husker volleyball, Husker football, NFL and HGTV. The usual fall fare for me. 

Read: I was reading Denisa Mina's latest, Confidence, but it was returned to the library so now I'm racing through Lian Dolan's latest, Lost and Found In Paris. Dolan's books are chick lit with a level of intelligence that raises them above being merely light fluff. 

Made: A new brownie recipe for the dinner we took in Friday that I'm told was terrific. I'll have to make some for us some time. 

 Despite the sad occasion, we enjoyed getting to see both of my sister's kids and their significant others this weekend. But, let's be honest, the star of the show (for everyone) was my great-nephew, who is ten-months old and has the best disposition. Miss H finally got to meet him for the first time - she was so happy!

This Week I’m:  

Planning: More sorting, more packing, more trying to figure out floor plans and where everything will go at my dad's new place. 

Thinking About: All those impacted by Hurricane Ian. I'm happy to hear that everyone I know that was in the path has come through it largely unscathed but so sad for those who have not. 

Feeling: Excited - I got a new phone this morning and I'm looking forward to having time to sit down with it to see what features this one has. I didn't actually need a new phone; but Miss H did so she got the one I had and I got the new one. I mean, if I'm paying, I'm getting the new toy!

Looking forward to: Tomorrow my dad and I will go meet with the folks at the complex he's moving to and will sign final paperwork AND get to see his apartment. 

Quote of the week: "Things that we love tell us what we are." - Thomas Aquinas

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