Sunday, June 4, 2023

Life: It Goes On - June 4

Happy Sunday! I'm happy to report that the project we were working on in the backyard has had to be put on hold for a couple of hours due to rain! That makes twice in the last three days that we have finally gotten a decent amount of rainfall. It is so needed that I don't even care that it may mean it will be too muddy when it's finished for us to continue. 

It's been a productive weekend. We've filled 9 more yard waste bags and a garbage dumpster from under our trees, we've trimmed up all of the bushes and yews, we've laid landscaping fabric, arranged fieldstone, and moved in pea gravel. There is a lot more to be done but we're both so excited by how much nicer it's going to look when we're finished. Outdoor work is the one time when I'm perfectly willing to be dripping sweat because I'm working so hard. 

Last Week I: 

Listened To: Fredrik Backman's The Winners, the final book in the Beartown trilogy. I'll have reviews up this week of this one and the second book. 

Watched: A lot of college baseball and the 1952 movie adaptation of My Cousin Rachel

Read: Same things as last week. I might finish a print/ebook this week...or I might not. 

Made: I did cook this week but I can't even remember, now, what we ate. 

Enjoyed: We went with friends to the comedy club last night. The Big Guy got free tickets and we didn't even look beforehand to learn anything about the comedians. So they were a lot raunchier than I would usually enjoy but it was fun to do something different. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: When we're not busy with family, I need to get the house cleaned and ready for house sitters. 

Thinking About: The sale of my parents' house closed on Thursday. It would have been my parents' 65th wedding anniversary. I can't help but feel it was a sign from my mom that she is at peace with it. But it's strange to think that we don't have that home anymore. 

Feeling: Tired, sore, but happily so. 

Looking forward to: An evening with BG's brother and sister-in-law, dinner with Mini-him, a visit from Miss H this coming weekend. 

Question of the week:

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  1. Lots of activities with family and friends is always good. Have a good time!