Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Happiness Project - February Wrap Up

That little picture? For me, as February wrapped up, that silly little thing was a complete failure at my goal for the month for my happiness project. Focus.

Perhaps the thing I most need to work on these days. And yet, I could not make myself stick to any of the steps I set out for myself. I didn't put down my phone. I didn't walk away from the television. I didn't even do any research on meditation nor did I figure out how I was going to measure "stay on tasks." I couldn't even focus on books. It was a struggle to read every page even when I was enjoying the books.

I'm determined not to let that slide. Even as I move into March with a new goal, I'm not letting working on my focus slide entirely. I'm going to build on my little victories - we did leave the television off more often, we were more deliberate about what we watched. I found a 7-Day Electronics Detox that I may give a try in the coming weeks. And I'm still determined to learn how to meditate. I need it now more than ever. So I'm not letting February's failure steal my happiness.

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