Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Happiness Project - February Wrap Up

That little picture? For me, as February wrapped up, that silly little thing was a complete failure at my goal for the month for my happiness project. Focus.

Perhaps the thing I most need to work on these days. And yet, I could not make myself stick to any of the steps I set out for myself. I didn't put down my phone. I didn't walk away from the television. I didn't even do any research on meditation nor did I figure out how I was going to measure "stay on tasks." I couldn't even focus on books. It was a struggle to read every page even when I was enjoying the books.

I'm determined not to let that slide. Even as I move into March with a new goal, I'm not letting working on my focus slide entirely. I'm going to build on my little victories - we did leave the television off more often, we were more deliberate about what we watched. I found a 7-Day Electronics Detox that I may give a try in the coming weeks. And I'm still determined to learn how to meditate. I need it now more than ever. So I'm not letting February's failure steal my happiness.


  1. Good for you! You'll get there.

  2. One of the teens in my small group said she uses a meditation app. I should ask her which one she uses. She has learned how to meditate by using it. She swears by it. A teen!

  3. There are some months that just aren't designed for self improvement and it sounds like February was one of those for you. Great job not giving up and good luck in March!